What Apple Can Learn From Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4

Apple’s latest iPhones boast amazing cameras, the Dynamic Island, and magnetic charging, but they also feel very familiar.


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  1. Mr Vegeta

    In an augmented reality glasses world you can have the phone factor you want (Maybe)

  2. Adipose Rex

    I always loved the Moto Razr. I don’t have any interest in other brands.

  3. Apple does try things. They just do not (generally) release the failed experiments.

  4. Mike Alien

    They need to learn only one thing – foldable phones are crap.

  5. Bluey

    Hate to be ‘that guy’ but calling this video ‘tone deaf’ would be a kindness. How can you even bring up foldables but only talk about a gimmicky ‘flip phone’ and not mention any of the tablet/phone hybrids? Seems like a personal bias or you just dropped the ball badly on this one.

    This one heavily reeks of a personal rant rather than anything based on facts or logic. Apple seems to be selling more than enough iPhones without “innovating enough” as you put it.

  6. realshompa

    In the real world. Steve spend almost nothing on research since he had a vision. When he needed a multitouch screen for the iPhone, he bought a startup. Tim Cook spends over 26 billion a year on research and has produced zero new product segments after Steve. Just Project Titan has spent over 50 billion without a product. Tim does not understand computers. Apple was offered to buy Tesla for less than they have spent on Project Titan but that would have led to Apple getting a real CEO in Elon Musk something Tim could not accept. We are again in an IT dark age. Younger people do not remember this but there was total IT stagnation between 1984 and 1996. No new products. No new concept. Steve got back and we saw insane innovation and outstanding design until they killed Steve. After Steve's look at the new iPhone. Better camera. 1mm bigger screen and faster. Same crap for 10 years. The unfortunate thing is that there is no alternative since Samsung/Google/MSFT also have not innovated. Why should they? Today they have an oligopoly with Apple. That's why they can charge over 1000 dollars for a phone that cost 200 dollars to manufacture. Tim is a disgrace and needs to go away. Apple from having 300 billion I cash today has to borrow money. All because Tim is loyal to Goldman Sach and the MasterPeople that have put him in power. The love for Tim and Apple's increased margins are a sickness in the fandom. I want a great product like Apple used to have. A Steve AI would be better than Tim.

  7. Jferrari427

    I think a flip iPhone would be really exciting and bring much needed innovation to the plateauing smartphone space. Smartphones are peaking- make them fun again.

  8. Daniel SC

    Folding phones are not going to be reliable and I do not care for that. BUIT, I hope Apple does come up with something new that is noteworthy.

  9. Whoda Kat

    Let’s use a bit of common sense here. Apple has a $25+ Billion dollar r&d budget. I promise you there are folding iPhones, folding iPads, probably a folding Apple Watch /s, and a dozen different concepts we can’t even imagine. Apple innovates every day, so does Samsung. The difference is one has a higher standard for the products they put out. If Samsung releases a flip phone with a plastic screen that has visible creases, it’s innovating. It’s daring! They are pushing the envelope and leaving Apple in the dust. But if Apple drops a product like that, there will be 5 billion collective sighs across the world. Social media will explode. People would don their THE END IS NEAR signs 🪧.

  10. no Name

    Here's the truth. The vast majority of people dont care whether it charges on lightning or usbc. Thats a non feature. You are right, apple cant keep making essentially the same phone w a little better camera. The cameras are perfectly fine for once again the vast majority of users, make a different iphone….

  11. Pokhraj Roy

    I wish the new Motorola Razr was as good as Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The latter has a beautiful design.

  12. Dynamo

    Next iPhone I buy will be an iPhone flip. Guaranteed.
    I just can't justify spending over $1,000 dollars for an iPhone that looks and feels the same as my iPhone 8.

  13. Apple is literally always behind on "innovations". I think it's a gimmick, I think apple should keep working on their smart glasses.

  14. jackal monkey

    I want to love my iPhone 14 pro max but I just can't. Wish I would have kept my 13 pro max and not spent the money.

    The iphone is getting very bland to me

  15. Daily_Dial

    I think Apple won't bring a mediocre product to market. A foldable phone seems gimmicky. If they were more refined, thin but also robust and sturdy, then…maybe? Otherwise, is it really solving a problem or inventing one?

  16. Roger Workman

    They don’t have to, their all billionaires and don’t need to try better technology, for we all will just keep buying. Thank you for all your videos, Happy Thanksgiving!!

  17. Ghost Flame

    Flip or fold phones are a gimmick and unnecessary. I hope apple NEVER creates a folding device.

  18. ljacobs357

    My Z Flip 4 is great. If you owned one you will quickly learn that it is not a fad. Flex mode and the usability of the cover screen is truly innovative. And give me a break about USB C. Samsung has had it for years. And the Android operating system is far more flexible than ios.

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