What are Microservices?

An introduction to microservices from Software Engineering Daily. Find out about microservices and microservice architecture in this quick animation. Music by The Prion.


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  1. Zekrell

    awesome video but my head is exploding

  2. Pratik Pawar

    thanks for this video I understand what I was confused for lonng time

  3. cazterk

    smash the like if you listen to the se-daily podcast

  4. Renars Kukuks

    Very well explained. Structured, direct, clear, and within the context of practicality. Thank you

  5. Nigel Higgs

    “Software development has never been easier” I’m just a cs student so I don’t work directly with this but this sounds more complicated then ever before lol the layers on layers of abstraction are ridiculous. This video is great btw.

  6. legendofJupp

    i didn't get the part "which sits in iraq, which sits in a data center". sorry for my bad english, for me it sounds like iraq is part of a data center. can someone explain it to me?

  7. Hamza Mushtaq

    Great visual explanation. You showed an excellent grasp of the topic. Loved the visuals.

  8. Seeker44

    3 years later…. Rarely people use GCP and its AWS vs Azure now.

  9. Mohit Ashliya

    My whole doubt of cloud is solved now Thanks for the wonderful explanation

  10. Suyog Sethia

    absolutely amazing! I can see the planning and efforts put into this. great job!!

  11. J C

    Google is third in the cloud… today. In 2018, I'm pretty sure IBM was third behind Azure and AWS…. GCP is peanuts.

  12. wano vlogs

    Video is good though. But I have question sir? Why you are using docker to run multiple services on ec2 we can also run multiple services without using docker as well.

    Kindly reply anyone who knows about this really appreciated.

  13. Gary Chan

    I like how a cloud is a network of data centres. Explanation on point


    What a Story 😍 100% understood 😎

  15. Kudoshi

    I read and watched Microsoft's video on explaining all these. It took me like 12 min to watch them and still have no idea.
    But this video took 4 min to explain everything clearly

  16. Professorben11

    2:50 "…which sits in Iraq…"
    That was unexpected. I didn't know all servers sat in Iraq.

  17. mishmohd

    how do I learn how to make a microcloudservice

  18. Mohammed Kalifa

    Best Explanation we could ever find wonderful approach Thanks team

  19. L.J.

    Microservices have no technical advantages over monoliths

  20. Shawn Veillon

    Ah, 2018, OK. But still… "the two cloud providers"… um, actually, I think at the time of publishing this video GCP was at best #4, now #3. Azure is #2, and they do have Azure Service Fabric to manage micoservice based apps/systems. Don't get me wrong, I prefer GCP over everything and believe/hope they will one day be #1. But especially given freecodecamp is focused mostly on beginners, it's important to keep information accurate and relevant.

  21. Gal Nadjar

    Insanely good explanation thank you so much!!

  22. Ashu Singh

    Does anyone know how to perform a load testing on microservice via Jmeter ??

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