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What Do I Need to Build a Gaming PC? [The COMPLETE Beginner’s Guide]

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0:00 Intro
– Primary/Required Components –
CPU/Processor: 01:33
GPU/Graphics Card: 03:42
RAM/Memory: 07:49
Motherboard: 08:59
Storage/HDD/SSD: 10:48
PSU/Power Supply: 11:16

– Secondary/Optional Components –
Optical Drive: 12:42
Sound Card: 13:33
Expansion Cards: 14:11
Case Fans: 14:28

The Case: 14:54

– Peripherals –
Monitor: 16:08
Speakers: 21:16
Headphones/Headset: 22:28
Microphone: 23:48
Keyboard: 24:11
Mouse: 25:22
Controller: 26:18

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Want to build your own PC? Then here’s the ULTIMATE guide on what you need to build your own custom PC!

We cover everything from A-Z, including main and secondary components along with peripherals that you might want to have.

We hope this video helped you understand the components you need to build your own PC.

Keep watching for more!


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    lol she says i5 and ryzen 5 is enough lol, i have i9-10850K,4 gb graphics card is enough lol i use 24 gb graphics card, i use 1200wat psu, with asus rog ryjuin 360 liquid cooler, 64 gb 3600 mhz ram,triple monitors all 240 hz, 5 tb ssd and 10 tb hhd if dont dont use this right now my game at 1080p will be like lag lag lag remember there is nothing enough you should have money thats all lol, I use lot of expensive stuff like 200 dollars headset, 150 dollars mouse , 350 dollar keyboard,nanoleaf like 30 panels

    wtf? am i flexing my setup??
    lol xD bye

  2. gris

    I don’t understand anything and it’s making my head hurt 😩

  3. Libby A

    Am I the only one who just wants to play minecraft, but doesn’t even know what a pc does?

  4. a loser

    i do not understand any of this..

  5. ZodieeC

    I'm 13 trying to build a pc because my dumb mind thought it was a pre built so now I'm going through the work to build a pc because life is like that sometimes

  6. Fatima Shaikh

    This man really said beginners guide when thier talking in a different language

  7. Timo Frey

    i feel bad for the kid who got hit with ethe yoyo

  8. SpadeCheck

    I use to have a cheap gaming pc back then now I'm working, grown up and want to build a better pc. Ty

  9. Clocks

    On a 900 dollar budget can anyone recommend a good build summing up to my budget?

  10. LEGO frog017

    I paid 30 bucks for my head set (yes it’s a head set) and it has worked for 4 years now just fine

  11. Ryley

    Wait so if I get a gpu does that come with the graphics card? This is what I thought until watching this and I’m now confused

  12. Real 66TVog

    I have a question I got all the parts right the only part that I'm missing is the ram before turning on my computer do I need RAM to order to get a display on my screen

  13. Noa BB

    I'm just gonna buy a pre built one then add on components.. theres some that are 1,000

  14. Ashley Huff

    1:09 not me decided to build one with not knowing anything about it- I think this is the easiest step for me

  15. The Watcher

    I bought a "gaming pc" and it sounds like a tornado

  16. ItsEndr

    Im tryin to find this out to ask my dad

  17. Dark Rival

    I'm trying to move from controller to PC and trying to find a good 400 dollar pc

  18. rave

    Idc what tf u add in the video just get to the point ur wastin my time

  19. Anthony.

    I'll be honest I have no idea what the heck this lady was talking about I was really trying to understand but for some reason, I can't just wrap my head around it.

  20. VAG1D1CK

    i want to buld a pc. (gets confused)
    nvm, I'm getting a gaming laptop

  21. My budget is around 699$ up to 816 $.
    Having trouble to build the best one in this budget.
    Suggest me. ✌️

  22. SleepyxSammy

    Is buying a built pc cheaper? Because if it id I'm saving my time brain and money….

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