What is Anti Aliasing And Should You Use It Today [Simple Explanation]

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Ever wonder what the term anti-aliasing means and if you should enable it? And even if so, what type of anti-aliasing should you use?

We’ll cover what anti-aliasing can do for you and the differences between:

0:00 Intro
0:31 What Does AA Do?
1:12 Intro to Types of AA
1:29 Types of AA: MSAA
2:14 Types of AA: FXAA
2:42 Types of AA: SSAA
3:07 Which Type Should You Use?
3:43 Outro


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  1. Anon Random

    This channel is really good. You explain everything accurately, simply and in an organized manner unlike so many other tutorials out there that try their best to get those 10 mins.

  2. Foga C.

    You sound like girlfriend reviews

  3. tHeWasTeDYouTh

    Aliasing…..remember the PS2 and how it had "jaggies" all over and it looked so bad. Anti-Aliasing fixes all that and makes the "jaggies" go away

  4. Keith Yaj

    I came to this video because of the nvidia rtx vs gtx video

  5. I dont have it on my tv, but is there a specific video settings to use to replicate the affect it gives when you turn it on?? If so, than can you tell me

  6. colonel radec

    yea i feel like i basically dont even notice it. a bittttt but ill tell you i do notice the delay which ewww. a good looking games nice, a good running game is necessary lol

  7. Matthew

    Amazing video. Taught me a lot about AA. Thank you!

  8. Weat

    Lmao they mention that AA isn't complicated at all… At least not in the sense that you're enabling options for it to work, the theory behind and signal processing in general is super math intensive.

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