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In this video on What is AWS Glue?, you will comes across AWS Glue tutorial that will cover all the necessary workflows and concepts of AWS Glue. This video will take you through the wide range of services of Amazon Web Services and how AWS Glue is interrelated to them. By the end of this video on Introduction to AWS Glue, will help you understand about AWS Glue and its origin from basics.
In this video you will learn –
00:00 Introduction to AWS Glue
01:43 What is AWS Glue?
02:04 Data Catalog in AWS Glue
02:38 Data Crawlers in AWS Glue
03:06 ETL Jobs in AWS Glue
03:40 Serverless Architecture in AWS Glue
04:04 Code Generation and Job Orchestration
04:39 Working of AWS Glue
05:25 AWS Glue Data Versioning and Lineage
05:53 Real-time Analytics in AWS Glue
07:33 Conclusion

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