What is RAID 0, 1, 5, & 10?

RAID explained. This is an animated video explaining different RAID levels. It’s a RAID tutorial of level 0, 1, 5, & 10. Redundant array of independent disks English and Hindi captions.
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  1. Mwai Kambeja

    this is simple and easy to understand thank you for the beautiful explanation.

  2. I love this channel, it breaks many IT concepts through small steps to help me learn faster.

  3. Sebastian Kruse

    Missed a lot of important informations. What’s about RAID 6? What’s necessary to access data in RAID 5 and 6 after a disk failure? And what will happen with different sized disks? What’s about other Multi-Disk Systems like SHR or SHR 2? Or RAID F1?

  4. J V

    Redundant Array of _Inexpensive Devices_.

  5. Tanchwa

    so is a RAID 0 kinda in the same vain as an LVM?

  6. Dirthauler

    Hello, I just subscribed to your chanel, I find your videos very informative and right to the point, I like that. Over the last few years I started building computers just for myself and my family, but I in no way claim to know nearly as much as someone like you. I have a question about backing up my data, and the raid 1 sounds like an option, but can I do that right on my computer with adding extra drives instead of buying some sort of server looking equipment. Most of this kind of equipment is crazy expensive just to backup my computer so in the event of a hdd failure I don't lose everything. I had an external drive once and it failed right along with my hdd on my computer and I lost hundreds of photos of when my kids were young. I know I can't get those back, but I don't want to lose everything on my computer again. If this can be done, are there "Cons" I should be aware of or is there a better option? The external drive I had, I had to manually backup everything and it was a pain in the backside to be honest, but I think this raid 1 would be great because it would do it automatically if I'm seeing this right. Thanks for your time!

  7. doni herald

    basically raid 0 in hdd should be gone, instead of splitting your data into multiple hdd just buy ssd lol

  8. abusolo_

    I didn't understood raid 5 but I understood the rest perfectly.

  9. Stephen3D

    This was 100 percent helpful. The visuals + your explanations helped me to easily understand. Thanks for sharing


    i dont know if you will notice this.. i just have a question. Is it ok to return the drive on the different slot if all drives are good . the only thing is one of my member forgot where is the location of its derive in the slot.. TYIA

  11. nYx

    There is also RAID Shadowlegends.

  12. R

    Very helpful, thank you

  13. PoliteTia

    Very nice! 😊 In one vlog you've presented a very important part of the CompTIA that grabs and hold one's attention! 💝

  14. Mememan

    "TIP: Do not use hammer on hard drives"

  15. EIM Vizier

    Helps a lot. Makes it seem so much more simple

  16. Comm Entator

    SO FOR

    RAID 10: MIN 4 DISKS


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