What is SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

What is SMTP? This is an animated video explaining what SMTP is. SMTP is the protocol that is used for sending email.


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  1. Talal Gous

    This channel provides the best explanation on any topic. Keep up the good work SIR!!

  2. Fala Zeze

    How does webmail send mails?
    Does it uses HTTP?

  3. ozamrani22

    Is the same as Mail Relay ? is there any difference ?

  4. Saif Shaikh

    The tower behind the hose was hit by lightning and caught fire LMAOOOO

  5. Khaled Hashed

    The trulyl best channel to explain and animate clearly, comfortably, and effectively. Excellent job sir!

  6. Deryl Spirit

    i was more concerned about that communication tower struck by lightning.

  7. Mel Budiit

    Omg i so love your videos. Best explanation eveeeeeer! Thanks for making my IT life easy 🤭

  8. Rijaja

    0:58 seconds is what it took before the first "SMTP protocol". I should make a collection, where I put similar stuff, including the LCD display and the HDD drive

  9. Ljupco Newman

    We used this in our application but never bothered to know more about it until your video popped up! Great explanation! You are awesome!

  10. random

    thanks so much sir. this is what i was searching…

  11. till the best animated and explained tutorials anywhere on the net! Keep up the good work!

  12. Lallie Hayes

    Computer use has SO MANY initialisms and acronyms. Thanks for breaking them down and making them easier to understand.

  13. starpawsy

    Well, no, it is sending mail to a SERVER.


    I love your YouTube channel videos but you are not giving us step to step way of using the SMTP server why ?


    We needs a detail step to step how SMTP server is used, how to send mails, where to put the bulk mails, were to put the subject, you have to put an arrow pointing were and were to go till the end .

  16. Jacob Schamer

    These bite sized videos are great for me to digest while studying for my A+ cert.

  17. Scott Larson

    Setting up a mail server is one of the most complicated things I have ever done with computers.

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