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What Is the Best FPS for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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The best gaming monitors:

So how much FPS do you really need for gaming?

Well, it depends on which platform you’re on and your display type. But don’t worry if this confuses you, as we’ll be taking a look at all that in this video!

0:00 Intro
0:31 What is FPS?
1:12 FPS Brackets
2:03 Best FPS Ratings
3:05 Conclusion


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  1. Hypnotic

    i can get 1000 FPS (bc i hv a RTX 3090 yos) on pc
    and on console i can get (rare) 100 or 60 FPS

  2. Hopps

    FPS 30-45 = Singleplayer Games
    FPS 60-120 = Pro Multi-Player Games
    FPS 144-240 = Shroud

  3. ThdonYT

    I get 75 fps in Roblox arsenal and in 1 map I get 120

  4. PixelUnit Playz

    My plays Minecraft at 60fps

    My friend: 10fps

    My friend: Im not lagging

  5. Joseph Herrera

    23 fps minimum is enough. That's why entry level gaming graphics cards perform above it.

  6. I shoot my video on 24 fps and export 30 fps so its shows 30 fps in property but video is look like seem 24 fps. So bro should i export video same fps or higher fps.

  7. Rachit Bhatt

    World's single player FPS starts with 30.
    Me play GTA V at 5-7 FPS.
    Me: Am I on Earth 🌏 or what? WHERE AM I!!? 😨😰

  8. Nadeem Ahmed

    If i am getting 75-80 FPS on 144hz display would it make any difference

  9. Execute order 65

    I get 100 FPS on VERY VERY high graphic games but when it comes to roblox I get 30

  10. Wresth

    my gpus is a intel hd graphics 4000 best videocard ever 35 fps with lowest grapphics in minecraft and frozen at every 3 minutes

  11. Diego Andy

    60 fps for any games if you want to enjoy it. But if you have a lower end pc, 30 fps is perfectly fine. Of course, the higher the better but i would say 60 is a sweet spot for any types of pc and games.

  12. Daniel Duhon

    Anything above 60 fps is unnecessary. You really can’t see any difference above that

  13. Zone Gaming

    60 FPS is more then enough for single player titles these days and 144 FPS is more than enough in games like CSGO or Valorant

  14. JB Sama

    My pc gives about 50 fps for minecraft on hypixel with wifi of about 70 ping its good enough for mc but i can push it to 120 fps by tweaking the video and performance settings of mc

  15. Daijiro Mizutani

    My laptop have <20 FPS ;-;
    It makes me lose a lots of match ppl keep thinking me bad ;L

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