What Is the Best Internet Speed for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

Update: When we say “MB” (megabyte), we mean “Mbps” (megabit per second). There’s a big difference and we are sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

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Do you ever wonder what the best internet speed for gaming is? Like the minimum and recommended requirements to have an enjoyable gaming experience?

Faster internet speeds are always better, but is it really worth it in the end?

Keep watching to find out!

0:00 Intro
1:02 Recommended Speed
1:39 Connection Types: Wired or Wireless
2:23 Connection Types: Types of Internet Connections
4:51 Latency
5:43 Outro


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  1. SknnyCrix

    I usually get 60 ping in game and it juat went up 100 ans im pissed cause it feels sooo bad

  2. Cables and rubbish
    Beacon interval to 1024, DTIM interval to 255, Rts threshold to 15 and fragment threshold to 255
    5 ghz repeater is the same without ethernet

  3. Eilia Naderi

    just remake the fucking video. don't give a description of how shit it is! even with the description I'm still confused

  4. Aman Islam

    I dont even have 1mb i actually have 240 kbs speed

  5. Love from Pakistan ….. incredible info, now after watching your video, i ready to post your beautiful idea on my blog post…thanks love greeting

  6. Flami ngo

    My time is waste watching this vid i just loss 13mb you didn't even tell me what is the perfect connection speed🖕🙄😤😠🤬

  7. shift

    close to internet box im so far away my cord is ran under the house

  8. Justin W

    I clock in at 150 mbps download speed and i have my xbox wired. My android also tests my phone at that speed too.

  9. zgameoverz

    i have 150 mbps speed but on games i can only get 1-5% internet speed. the other 95% are on downloads.

  10. Yaabish Gaming

    2:20 Me who has wired connection and router right next to my pc having 150-200ms 🙁

  11. James Speck

    I'm sorry but 3mbs a second for gaming definitely isn't fast enough

  12. gabor kovacs

    Me watching this in in 144p and i have 0.06 mbps internet

  13. Deez Nuts

    yea it does look like a woman made this 0:29

    these are the oldest fucking systems man, and this video was posted in 2018

  14. Jirka

    What internet speed do i need for zero ping?

  15. Ron Smith

    Sure you don't want to turn that music up even more so we can hear less of what you are saying ? FH

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