What Is the Best Monitor Response Time For Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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Monitor Refresh Rate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzehxWQXi28

Which response time should you aim for when choosing a new monitor?

Lower response times are better, but does this mean that 1ms TN monitors are better than 4ms IPS monitors?

Not necessarily. Keep watching!

0:00 Intro
0:28 What Is Response Time?
1:05 What Does It Do?
1:58 Best Response Time for Gaming
2:39 Can You See the Difference?
3:34 Conclusion


This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. Sumedh

    In my case, I'm buying monitor for programming purpose.

  2. ZECT צורי

    I got 25 kills in modern warfare using 11.6 inch monitor with 25ms response time…

  3. hnlx

    I have a 240hz monitor thats 4ms and tbh i really dont see any problems with it and 4ms i mean not bad, but good.

  4. Eddy Tru

    0.1 ms OLED baby, the future is here!

  5. Jonas

    Is 20 ms too high?
    I'm thinking of getting the asus tuf a15 and I've heard complains

  6. sisig

    is 7.5 ok? Im planning to get this 144hz monitor and its response time is 7.5ms

  7. Bboy Tyby

    yes i can see dif betwen 1 ms and 4 ms, also between 144 , 165 hz and 240

  8. Caleb Vermaak

    I just bought a monitor for gaming and found out that its a 6ms response time, is that good or bad (for gaming)?

  9. Saikojin18

    if you're gaming and you only use your pc alone .. go for tn
    if you're gaming and also use your monitor to watch movies with friends .. go for ips
    simple as that

  10. Andrija Nastic

    can this cause screen to shake in my games when i move my mousue? especially csgo

  11. Sellip Gaming

    I have a 3 ms IPS display so what did I just hear or is Acer a damn liar

  12. Onur Şahin

    ıf you are not a professional player you should go with ıps

  13. HÆX A.

    So long short what is best for someone with motion sickness

  14. Devin Baltimore

    I got to go with Visual Quality my eyes can see alot of detail in everything I do

  15. GhostDiv7sion

    i suffer from motion sickness and i can can clearly see and feel the difference between my IPS AOC and my VA Samsung panels i can enjoy my games much more on the VA.

  16. MemeMaster5421

    Is 4ms good for a first person shooter? I bought an ips but am not sure if it is enough, because I play fast and competitive games

  17. Purple Gaming

    What is best for gta v tell me please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please

  18. Seba K

    If people doent see a difference between 30fps and 60fps they fucking dumb asf

  19. Xylon

    What do you think is the better monitor for fps competitive?

    Asus 280hz, 1ms response, 1080p 27 inch. $399


    Acer 240hz, 0.1ms response, 1080p 27 inch. $499

  20. Pakistan Gamers

    Every thing you described are just enough for a person but not for all because there is one factor that's all monitor bottlenecking which means that you gameplay will lag if your monitor bottleneck the final results.
    A person playing with 4ms monitor can notice the reaction time difference on 1ms monitor that's the main factor why gamers recommend 1ms monitor.

  21. Me

    ASUS Gaming monitor TUF Gaming 23.8 IPS – VG249Q
    is IPS and have 1ms, is it good?

  22. JasonXgaming

    Your videos are very helpful. Straight forward explanations. Thank you.

  23. kypa

    so Samsung C27RG50 Curved Gaming Monitor 27" FHD 240Hz is a good monitor even though it has a 4ms response time?

  24. Howlz

    Hey but what if u have a 4 ms response time but v-sync

  25. Jordan Rubio

    Some ips monitors are coming with better resons time and hirts witch is better then tn and va in my experience

  26. Wan Kun

    Im from the future, now we have an IPS monitor with 1ms with competitive price.

  27. Ida_ B

    Can someone give me advice, I'm looking for a new monitor, but my brother is bragging to me that I have to buy one with 1ms, I play the game's as horror game's and planning on playing shooting game's, but differently not like call of duty or something, something more nontoxic and more unstressful, so i play more of a online shooting game's that have no group's (NO NOT FORTNITE) i'm planning on playing shotting game's, but not the one's that are very popular and probably take a lot of space on my pc

  28. Will

    4:06 could someone please tell me what game this is?

  29. Axzuez

    Just bought a 144z 1ms response time

  30. Oligarch

    sorry but if you don't see the difference between 30fps and 60 fps please check your eyes. GTA online is at 30 fps on console and you will see the difference when you are driving fast

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