What Is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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If you want to buy a new monitor, what size should it be? 24 inches? 27 inches? Or perhaps even 32 inches?

We’ll tell you all you need to know about this dilemma in this video!

0:00 Intro
0:52 Standard Sizes
2:16 Viewing Distance
2:56 Conclusion


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  1. Luke Sobrino

    my local computer cafe has a 24" curved monitor and it definitely felt amazing. tho im broke so i don't own my own pc.

  2. scrp

    Triple 48 inches monitors curved each 240hz and like 10 inches away from it

  3. Fly

    I have a 120hz 32 inch montior

  4. Mir S

    1080p 24 or 27 both 75hz i have rx 470 pls which to pick

  5. ha ha verified

    21.5 with 75hz is perfect for me
    Don't click read more

    I dont have money to buy 24 inch monitor 😌

  6. JayTheSKC_KiD

    I have a 32" TV 1080p 60fps (ps4) & it's what I have on my desk, but I want to downsize to a 24" gaming monitor because its takes up to much space on my desk & I'm tired of looking back & forth when i sit kinda close to my screen

  7. Evan Johnson

    19 inch 1440 by 900 i absolutely kick ass in any game because of it. anything bigger is too big and requires too much time to scan the screen. the smaller the screen the better.

  8. I feel like anything over 27" would be too big for a monitor.
    I actually use a 24"/1080p at a normal/standard viewing distance, and don't feel it like being too small or too low resolution at all.
    If I ever upgrade, 27"/1440p would be the perfect choice, it would be bigger and sharper.
    If the 24"/1080p feels sharp enough and 27"/1440p would be even sharper, I believe 4K would be a waste of money at that size/viewing distance.

  9. slapped

    I have a 60hz 32 inch 768p monitor

  10. Ww Jnz

    Two years ago, monitors were a much different thing.

  11. Taeke Feenstra

    Ive just sold my 49 inch monitor it was to stretched only some games like battlefield where playeble other games had black stripes on the sides of the screen, im now going for a 27 inch i think

  12. aMotionless 6868

    I have a 32 inch ultra wide curved monitor, 200 hz for gaming and a second 20 inch monitor for my YouTube and social media browsing on the left. I sit about 12 inches from them lol so pretty close.

  13. Erik Edward

    So I'm getting this for my PS4 because I'm getting a gaming desk and everything and I'm used to playing on a 43 inch and 32-in TV so would a 32-in monitor be too big

  14. I have 19 inch monitor 1366×768 60hz
    Model is Dell E1916HV
    but the fun fact is if i turn the display resolution to 1280x720p lesser than 1366 i got 75 hz even i can change game settings to 75hz

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