What Is The Best OS For Gaming? [Simple Guide]

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Which operating system (OS) is the best one for gaming today?

We’ll be talking about the ins and outs of Windows, macOS and Linux in this video, and which one of them reigns supreme over the others.

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Windows
2:01 Linux
3:19 macOS
4:20 Intro to Gaming
4:41 Gaming: Performance
5:54 Gaming: Game Selection
6:25 Gaming: Online Platforms
7:51 Conclusion


This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Denislav Hristov

    I highly recommend windows 7 even if it's out of support or if it's old.

  2. DEVIL Saab

    Intel i 3 2350m 2.30ghz
    2gb ram
    Intel hd 3000 integrated graphics
    Suggest me a windows for gaming

  3. Glazey

    when it comes down to linux and windows, if you don’t have the best of computers, go with linux. linux is always going to be easier to run

  4. Sushil Pandit

    I wish i could switch to ubuntu. Frustrated with windows 😭

  5. Dexter Films

    This doesn’t even tell me which version of windows I should use

  6. Jd B

    Short answer, windows for almost everyone. Linux if you're a programmer or very computer savvy, apple if you're a consumer zombie who loves wasting money.(personal opinion).

  7. Peach Apparel

    I would pick linux but the fact that I can’t play the games i want like valorant I would just stick with windows

  8. chowda

    You’re guaranteed to get viruses on your P.C if you get windows

  9. Radu

    Windows 10 is the best, for now
    Linux is close
    And it improved so much since this video
    Thousands of games work fine on linux now

  10. Roy P

    Outdated linux is number 1 now

  11. NextRank

    Ubuntu Linux gets me 10 extra frames compared to WinBlows. 30 frames extra on Arch Linux. IDK what these people mean by "similar performance" also they haven't heard of WiNE apparently.

  12. Jerome Misamin

    Just install Virtual machine and have all the os with just one host os

  13. Kyzxor

    i dont wanna use windows, but linus distros low amount of game choice stops me from using it

  14. Slay

    linux dont download you drivers, on my pc it did not download my drivers and lag do death and to roll back to windows is really hard

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