What Is the Best Resolution for Gaming? [Everything You Need To Know]

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So which resolution should you pick for gaming?

Should you go for the standard 1080p, a 1440p, or perhaps even 4K Ultra HD?
The answer is that it depends.

Keep watching to discover which resolution you should go with!

0:00 Intro
0:48 Resolution
1:12 Resolution: Full HD
2:04 Resolution: Quad HD
2:48 Resolution: Ultra HD
3:27 Aspect Ratio
4:00 Best Choice
5:25 Console Resolution
5:57 Outro


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  1. Chris

    I game on 1680X1050 and I am more than happy!

  2. Lucas

    Ultra HD is not actually very relevant because barely any games can use it and nobody can afford graphics that can use 8k.

  3. AmirTheKing

    1600×900 its a good on gaming ??? With GTX 1060 6GB ???

  4. MERKI

    so i dont get should i have 1080 for pro gaming or 4k

  5. Flying Bird

    Is 1366×768 good right? Cause I use that resolution right now and soon I am gonna be buying a 1080p monitor

  6. Kient Candolesas

    does 1440 x 900, 19 inch monitor good for gaming.? Thats all i can buy right now

  7. Stoynov666

    always stay in appropriate distance from your tv or monitor, depends on the inches as well, and u can easily play on 1600×900 or 1900×1080 without any visual damage to your gameplay

  8. Anurag Bapte

    At 0:22. 4K and UHD are the same resolutions, and also 1440p(2K) and QHD are the same thing…. 94k subs … sed lyf… Plz be careful while making technical conversations as many people hope to learn from videos made by creators like you. It won't possibly harm someone but it can definitely mislead many. No intension of offending anyone. Peace.

  9. Miloš

    A really annoying voice. Bad visuals.

  10. Ansel Adarna

    My tv is only Ultra-slim 40 inch 1080p FULL HD display (1920 x 1080)  is it ok on ps5 ???

  11. Mr Sarcast

    Hi , I have option of choosing between resolution of 1440×900 or 1280×1024 ,Which monitor will give more fps ? [Same Hertz , Same CPU specs for both ofc ]

  12. "720p" is best choice for Gaming… cause it's nice & wonderful "HD" result 😘👌 so please don't be MAD too much…😉 👉I'm using "RX 5700xt" for Gaming…😍😘👌 looks too wonderful…😘👌

  13. grqmz

    im trying to buy a gaming laptop and it has 1920×1080 on it, is that good would it make games look hot?

  14. Lucas SD

    Theres should be a resolution called 420p and it should be the highest because is 420


    shows PS4 Pro
    shows a Original Xbox
    The newest consoles… wait a minute

  16. Once you use a 21:9 monitor you will never want to return to 16:9. In fact the industry commit an error in not choosing 21:9 for tv since the beginning!

  17. Nar

    I use 1080×1080 lmao

  18. Angel L. Dusk

    i have a 1600 x 900 monitor,what i wanna know is wich would be the best performance resolution for me.

  19. Virtuab

    Um I have a 15.6 inch monitor and I wasn’t sure what resolution I should use

  20. I've played around with high resolution displays before, but from my experience, 1080p is a sweet spot. I'm typically 2-3 ft away from my monitor, and everything is crisp enough to see all the necessary details and most other details too. Plus performance is much better. The jump to 1440p or 4k is a massive performance hit for a minor boost in visuals.

  21. Andrew

    my in game resolution is affecting monitor resolution eg if i change my in game to 1280×720 and alt+tab my windows turns to a weird resolution anyone know how to fix? (the game is valorant)

  22. BeamStruffix

    for laptop gamers , use 640×480 slightly decrease stutter and slightly increase fps

  23. xn6nko

    I'll think I gonna with an 27.9 Inch / 27 Monitor for Digital Art & A Second Monitor for Gaming with May just 1920×1080 or 2K (24 Zoll/24.x whatever inch lmao), but first I need a better GPU than the 960 I got gifted because my overused 750Ti broke~

    Ya may 2K and gonna use Upscaling, should work too~

    Its a hard desicion as someone who prefers performance and quality..

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