What Is V-Sync And Should You Use It? [Explained]

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Should you enable the V-Sync option you see in so many games? Is it worth it compared to FreeSync and G-SYNC? We’ll answer all questions you may have in this video!

0:00 Intro
0:36 What Does V-Sync Do?
1:18 How does V-Sync Work?
1:45 How does V-Sync Affect FPS?
2:16 V-Sync Alternatives
2:47 Should You Use V-Sync?
3:48 Outro


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  1. Kornelije Kovac

    This is like 1970's problem. Are they actually trolling us with this?

  2. VIBaJ 16

    “Screen tearing happens when the FPS goes above what your monitor can display”
    I guess I’ll turn vsync off, b/c my FPS can’t reach a quarter of that

  3. Thx bcs I'm literally playing all my games on my laptop 😢 soooo Im trying to get sum SMOOOTH gameplay but again Im on a laptop.

  4. No One

    One word to get you away from Vsync "Render Latency"

  5. Knapf

    I know just about jack shit when it comes to tech. But if Vsync only caps your fps to your monitor, couldn't you just cap it yourself? o.O Most games (that I play at least) have the option to cap your fps.

  6. Danie

    Wat is the difference between adaptive , vertical sunc on , and tripple buffering

  7. Wee

    I have bad wifi (5mbps max/in a good day) and an okay pc. Turning off my V-sync boosted by fps from 60 (it sometimes also drops to 30) to 80-90 (fluctuates). Is it better to have it on or off? Is more fps better than the other option?

  8. Its Me

    pls someone reply iam using my xbox series x on 60hz tv and when i play rainbow it gives me 120 fps and my question is it's actually 120fps or its just showing me that

  9. Tobi's PES World

    If you need to have stable FPS & avoid sudden fps spikes use Vsync
    Simple as that

  10. vsync has always made my games run like shit, every single game I play, the first thing I do to improve performance is disable vsync.

  11. Brobi V2

    I’m confused, so should we use vsync or not

  12. aj nr

    V-sync causes input lag thank you

  13. solen18

    Im pretty sure vsync doesn't affect your FPS as much as this video is making it seem. I don't believe this is 100% accurate info, at least not in 2021

  14. Alfofer

    if you have a 60hz/75hz monitor and a decent graphic card that provides more than 80 fps in every circumstance, then, by all means, turn V-sync on. Otherwise, there's little to no gain in using it. Hell, it could even give a worse gaming experience.

  15. Lukáš Kalauz

    This video is wrong on so many aspects. And reading the comments here, it only shows, how badly are these features explained to the users.

  16. PoRkTeSiNo RN

    I got a laptop with a geforce 940mx 2Gb gpu. I always turn vsync "on" tho the fps drops but still playable.

  17. PoRkTeSiNo RN

    I got a laptop with a geforce 940mx 2Gb gpu. I always turn vsync "on" tho the fps drops but still playable.

  18. tearing is not a problem for me, input lag is more important for me 👍🏻 adaptive vsync Is lighter than normal vsync, maybe higher fps

  19. Universal G

    I also find that V-Sync gives a more consistent framerate. With it disabled not only does the FPS go higher, but they can also drop much lower and are all over the place. Since the human eye can't see faster than 30FPS anyways, a close to constant 60FPS is great.

  20. Markus Bhaus

    So when I can cap the framerate to my needs v sync is pointless?

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