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What Makes the OnePlus 6 So Special?

My OnePlus 6 review is coming but here’s an unboxing and first impressions on the device. The OP6 has a notch and is one of the best performing and best looking 2018 smartphones.
Available at OnePlus –
OP6 Skins –

With a Snapdragon 845, a massive 6.28″ AMOLED screen, 3300 mAH battery, dash charging the OnePlus 6 looks to be a killer phone for $530.

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  1. Dave2D

    What’s your favorite color this year?! Mine is definitely the midnight black – the texture is awesome. Thanks for watching!

  2. Dmitriy Jerry

    Your video production is so good, you could probably advertise a trash can and you'd make me want to buy it.

  3. E Rheaume

    Love the phone, except the weakness of the vibration renders it unusable..

  4. Oksana De Mesa

    Expecting mine in the mail next week, so excited!! Also… Shout-out to the headphone jack! Whooo!!

  5. Frank Potter

    These are the reasons why its special:
    No SD card slot
    No wireless charging
    No Headphone Jack
    Fake USB-C (only fast charge,copy/write speed is usb 2.0)
    Have to buy special screen protectors from Oneplus cause others will interfere with the fingerprint sensor.
    As of now a galaxy S9 Plus is cheaper than the Oneplus 6T

  6. Rajeev Bhan

    There is one answer to the question in the title of this video… "3.5 mm Jack"

    Rest all said is crap…

  7. Enrique Flores

    I just came back to this video to watch it with my OP6T hihihi

  8. Julio Graziano

    You have ASMR voice. I'm just getting relaxed. You should just record a video just for fun and for the sake of ASMR community.

  9. Madara

    Dave: Matté or glass??

    Me:lol i use cover

  10. Kinjalk Soni

    hey dave i need that homescreen wallpaper pls mail it to me at this … pls revert on this comment thx..

  11. Nytalix

    People act as if having a glass back but no wireless charging capabilities is a huge deal breaker

  12. Fabio

    those were the only factors that made me buy this phone. edge-to-edge display, headphone jack and a good price

  13. Mark Moore

    I have the 8gb 128gb t-mobile 6t and damn it's a great phone. It's such a great phone. With a battery that makes up for the kinda shitty fingerprint sensor

  14. Akhileshuvar V

    Me : [ Upgrades from OnePlus 6 ]
    Youtube after 2 years : hEy yOu wAna sEe wHaT's so sPeCial about yOur oLd pHone?

  15. 유성

    that notch size was ahead of it's time…

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