What to Look for in a CRT TV – Budget to Best

While the Xbox Series, PS5, and Nintendo Switch have made decent strides in allowing us to play classic games on modern consoles, nothing beats playing those games on the consoles they were made for on CRT TVs which they look best on!

In this episode of Budget to Best, Seth Macy drops his favorite tips on finding the perfect CRT TV for your retro gaming needs, no matter what your budget and what to look for while on that search. We hope you’ve cleared some space on your shelf, because these things are HEFTY! Whether you’re looking to play retro games on a SNES, N64, PlayStation 2, or Dreamcast, you’ll wanna check out our favorite tips.


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  1. vic viper

    I'm very picky when it comes to CRT TV, if it's not a flat screen, is bigger than 19" – 27" inches, doesn't have componet outputs, then I'm not interested in it

  2. Tgamer91

    Technically if you have a RGB to component transcoder you can run SNES Genesis and PlayStation on a CRT with component because those consoles support RGB video

  3. This is an awesome video. Fun transitions including retro game visuals? Check. Silly humor that doesn't make sense but also kinda does (IE: time traveling jokes)? Check! Informative and concise, but long enough that you felt like you watched something worthwhile? Check!

  4. DarkWolf80s

    Frankly, it doesn't matter what CRT brand. If you got a Trinatron amazing. But any other CRT are great especially when you RGB mod them which then turn into a full on arcade monitor. Arcades use RGB input and every arcade game you played in the past were not all SONY but different brands. In sum, Trinatrons are great, it doesn't make them the be all of CRTs. That said they are essential to retro gaming preservation especially if you wanted to experience the same stuff as it was back then.


    Also, Sony Wegas are pronounced “Vega” 😅


    To my understanding, HD CRT’s aren’t great for gaming due to the input lag and native res. Don’t loose sleep over letting it go

  7. Samuel G

    pretty off about the s-video fact. every playstation does S-Video

  8. Sony Trinitron, Panasonic or Toshiba with 3D filtering, S-video, and component video. You’re welcome.

  9. Viper

    the chances of me finding one in my town are slim ive checked everywhere well it doesnt help that im looking for like anything under 20 inches but its gonna be harder now since demand for them are going up and people will charge a hefty sum for such old tvs

  10. purple beard

    Seth, that wasn't a Wega Sony pictured. Just a normal S/V/XBR Sony. Wegas were the completely flat Trinitrons and had HD and SD variants– XBR>V>S. They had 30 and 34" in 16:9 and had 32, 36, and 40" in 4:3. The Sony Wegas and the JVC I'Arts were probably the best ones out there for CRTs.

  11. Jared Garcia

    Thankfully, there's component cables for the SNES and Genesis out there. Those old consoles had great RGB, but not in the US, so there's folks that made a cable that converts it to component and they look fantastic. Unfortunately, the N64 has to be modded for RGB for the cable to work

  12. benzene

    sony trinitron still the best for crt tv in general ,
    great condition SD trinitron 25 , 27, 29 inch destroy all pvm/bvm

  13. Dean Dickson

    What about connecting consoles to CRT Computer Monitors?

  14. Dean Dickson

    Some HD CRTs had issues with LAG and Sync with when connected to consoles.

  15. Martyn Ottley

    Don't you think that a channel with over 17 million subs could give a shout to some smaller channels if this is a topic you're interested in.
    Retro RGB
    My life in Gaming
    Linus Tech did some cool stuff and..
    A brilliant esay by EposVox
    Come on IGN share the knowledge 👏

  16. Paul Genovese

    Decent video but I'd say S-video is the way to go for N64/Gamecube, you can find the cables on ebay for like 10$ and the quality is great.

  17. Emu

    Full of misinformation

  18. GODi

    The Downside of it is that its heavy and the lifespan of it is short. But the plus side of it is that its retro, cheap or free🤔😒😑😮‍💨

  19. Enrique Esparza

    Lol just to Mexico if you want the old TV or old af games… Most of the time break back for copper

  20. TheGixLad

    Eventually, CRTs will cease to exist (technically, already do but you can get them online)

  21. Ant Wilder

    This the type of tv you gotta smack the side a couple times for the picture and sound to work correctly

  22. Sekiro

    some other benefits of crt tv not mentioned in the video = 0 input lag and gun games compatible

  23. kyle hackney

    I've got 2 big 40 inch's in my basement 🤣🤣🤣 what's the big deal

  24. kyle hackney

    Why would this even be a video nowadays 🤣🤣🤣🤦 get off my recommendations with this nonsense

  25. lamar is elite

    Crts belong in the garbage, just use an emulator. It's superior in every single way

  26. GamingByteTv

    Here's what to look for. The words "Sony" and "Trinitron" then stop searching because you've peaked. Or more specifically, anything from the KV line. The end.

  27. When Old Tech are dying and Modern Upscaler asks for your month of salary… And high price of living due to Inflation… Without a doubt, Emulation is the Practical Solution…

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