What To Look For In A Gaming Monitor [Simple Guide]

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When looking for a new monitor to buy, what should you look after? Which specs are most important?

Is it the resolution, refresh rate, size, technology, or something else entirely? Keep watching to find out!

0:00 Intro
1:00 Resolution
2:35 Refresh Rate
3:57 Adaptive-Sync
4:47 The Panel Technology
5:24 Response Time
6:26 Screen Size
7:05 Connectors
7:59 Conclusion


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  1. richard kelly

    So I’m guessing the 4K 1660hz monitor I bought was too much

  2. Aka

    I'm a bit late😅 but, I really want to know the name of the background song I heard it's not all heros wear capes but I can't find this exact cover she used

  3. Fernie Ramos

    Hey guys what kind of monitor should I get for a PS4?

  4. Shockyy

    My moms response time for a slap in the face used to be 1ms as well.. and yes it hertz alot

  5. GDKLockout

    Soooo. I have a 8gb g
    Radeon rx578. 16gb ram and 6 core 3.2 ryzen 5

    Can i do a 4k?

  6. Mateo Dominkovic

    So… Buying a
    1ms Reaction time

    Is a good monitor ?

    Can be bought between 200-400€

    Is it worth the money ?

    I also have a really strong pc and my games ( for example csgo ) run over 150/200 fps at highest settings

  7. SleepyPanda

    I just want a 144Hz 1440p 1ms 27in monitor under $300 is that so hard to ask? Lmao

  8. Shape Shifter

    Locking fps at 60 in CSGO will also lock you in silver rank. So Have fun there with your vsync nonsense .

  9. Kaniel Outis

    I have a PS4 and want a monitor to game on, I may get ps5 too so not sure whether this should change my choice. My budget is between 1-200£ don’t really want to spend any more then that. Any recommendations or tips on whether to prioritise the higher response time of tn monitor or lower of the ips I would be grateful for

  10. Bini

    Heard woman talk about pcs didnt even bother listening to the video

  11. Abeast Gaming

    Ok, so I am debating whether or not I should get a monitor with 240 hz, 0.1 ms response time and 1080p while their is another monitor with 144hz, 1 ms response time, and is 4K, which one should I get?

  12. Octavian Popa

    Me planing to buy 3080/3090 mabey ….. Oh wait I have a crapy 720p 60hz monitor

  13. SpazzSzn

    Acer 32 inch curved gaming monitor. 165 hz and 1ms with freesync, is this a good gaming monitor or not? Plz answer

  14. kangaroo5000

    Right now I have a really old working monitor with about 40hz and a pixel error. Should I get a new one? My budget is about 350$

  15. Jerry

    Wait so is it a gpu or a cpu because u said gpu and you put an image of a cpu

  16. Liam Miller

    Very good explanation. Thanks a lot. Consider me a subscriber

  17. Dimitris Χ.

    This is a simple, short and nice explanation video. Now I know how to choose the basic specs in my mind now are 1080p, 144Hz, 24'' with some curve.

  18. Jake

    Full HD 1920×1080 240hz and 0.5ms response time

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