What Went Wrong with Dragon’s Dogma 2’s PC Port?

What exactly is happening with Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC?
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  1. @d1MnZz

    I also think it's crazy the "perfect world" strawman is consistently used when criticism is hurled towards a toxic feature like microtransactions in a Singleplayer game – not even coop. Why is the bar so disgustingly low? In a perfectly regular/normal world, microtransactions have no place in this game. In a perfect world, microtransactions were never introduced as a means to milk more money out of users in the first place in any game, so lets stop playing limbo with how low our standards are, thanks!

  2. @d1MnZz

    Like others have already said, buying new expensive games is a losing battle; just wait until the game is fixed a year or two or five from now, when the price will also conveniently be slashed in half at minimum. Also it really stinks when you're doing a video about how a game completely fails its playerbase on the biggest platform and you say things like "it could have been worse", like what are you paying premium amounts of money for, the attempt at making a finished game?

  3. @BangsarRia

    160 hours in DD2 on PC. No issues. No complaints. Loving this unique and exciting game.

  4. @Immudzen

    I think that capcom is just covering for how bad their code is. Even on the highest end cpus you can get the game runs poorly and it doesn't use that much of the CPU. They can blame it on the cpu all they want but you can't just get a better cpu to fix the problem.

  5. @ninjamasterdave

    Works great on my pc. No bugs or issues. Always 30fps or more. Often 50+ outside of cities. All on the highest settings with ray tracing. Razer laptop 3080m.

  6. Micro-transactions is a deal breaker wont buy/play it even if they fix it and make it buttery smooth on PC. Bad behavior like this is why I will never pre-order a game ever and still wont buy a game until real post release user reviews come out because we honestly can't trust media reviews.

  7. @LoudAngryJerk

    Yeah I really don't understand the glowing reviews this game gets. I understand nostalgia, but we're talking features that are exclusively a net positive, that they eschewed. It makes zero sense not to have character slots in the first game, let alone any game (of this kind) released after 2010

  8. @linksword1514

    I dont know, ive been playing the game on max everything and i havent had any slow down, stutter, glitches, or crashes on my pc

  9. @Anonymouthful

    It failed everyone, no one should buy this thing, theres no "fix" to Capcom being greedy scumbags who sold you a falsely advertised product that failed to meet peoples expectations. This stops only when people stop forgiving these terrible companies for trying to fool them.

  10. @graystreak8312

    I used to work as PC / Third Party Compliance Tester for a major publisher: Bugs for consoles are easier to ID and fix since the hardware doesn't change and has limited variations. i.e. PS4 / PS5. Also, Console OEMS (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft) have minium standards for UX, Framerates, Accessiblity, etc – if those fail your game can't ship on their platform. PC is the exact opposite – there are thousands of comibinations of hardware and no one gatekeeping quaility – So instead of investing like 100k into hardware every year and putting more folks into their PC Compat teams, they sit back, wait for the error logs to roll in and do patchs. btw, if you patch a game too much on console, you will get booted – like with cyberpunk. Lastly, I am not saying this is a good thing. it is terrible – best practice is to wait a month before playing the game and if you can buy them on discount.

  11. @jesselarson1281

    Welcome to Hogsmeade, again. (If you were there, you were there. Still not fixed, 12 months later…)

  12. @Grogondorf

    It's not just a mess, it's a goddamn fucking mess… running on a 5700x and rtx 3080 with 32gb of DDR4 RAM and I'm not even getting 30fps consistently sometimes. Sometimes it's 40-60 outside in the wild, sometimes it's 30 or below. And if you're in a town or city, it's definitely 18-30fps . Poorly optimized is an understatement. There's no reason for anything Capcom makes with RE Engine to be this poorly optimized, they've had the engine for like 8 years, since RE7 and Monster Hunter World, if not longer ago. AND I PRAISED THE SHIT OUT OF CAPCOM for killing it with RE4 and SF6 when other huge AAA companies are fucking the dog with their games (looking at you Bethesda and Ubisoft), and then they let me down like this. I'm so beyond disappointed. How about we get rid of some of these useless NPC's that serve to only give you some generic dialogue that a bajllion other NPC's also give, there's just no fucking need of having NPC's just to make the city seem populated, especially if they hinder performance.

  13. @jesseevwoh

    The game is CPU intensive. Everyone keeps talking about their GPU but don't mention what type of CPU they have.

  14. @jaredb4991

    You ever think its because everyones PC is different. Built like a Frankenstein monster from the ground up. But every xbox or playstation is the same?
    I imagine it would be difficult to optimize the same game on someones laptop vs another persons light up water cooled bullshit.
    No i cant mod thomas the tank engine into the game but at least most of my games work at launch😂 i am loving DD2 on PS5

  15. @Jinxyoutoheaven

    Complacency with micro transactions from players will result in corporations thinking….how much more money can we squeeze…what if we designed the game in such a way to be slightly annoying and sell them the solution….just like mobile games. How can you not see this will influence future decisions going forward in terms of game design and micro transactions

  16. 7700x & 7900XTX here. I've experienced some slight slow down in the cities but nothing major. Definitely haven't had any crashes. Kind of weird that you had that kind of trouble on a 4090.

  17. @ChadwickRider

    This should have been built with Unreal Engine 5, not RE. It makes no sense why they used RE to build a large open world game that has intelligent NPC's.

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