What’s the Best Way to Back Up My Computer?

What’s the Best Way to Back Up My Computer?

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Backing up your computer is the most important thing you can do on a regular basis. So many people never backup there PC and when things go wrong they risk losing there data. Setting up your computer is never been easier and there are many ways to backup you data.

Here are some examples of ways to backup your computers data.

* Backup files to the cloud
* Backup with Windows File History
* Create an image of your hard drive
* Create a clone of your hard drive
* Backup to a external hard drive
* Backup data to the server
* Backup data to a NAS Network Attached Storage

Choose what way your prefer to backup your photos, documents, videos and music. I prefer to store my day on a NAS drive.

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  1. fort p-u-b-g

    Hi man please you may learn me how to do this icon which appears down the video (like and subscribe)

  2. Sherl Arya stark

    Somebody please help me!!!!

    I was trying to install Linux aside to windows 7
    And during partition i formatted my whole HDD
    Including C now i can't open the windows

    Error:- operating system missing

    I burned wn 7 iso in a USB stick tried to reinstall it but i can't do it, Somebody help me please!!

  3. If the computer is off during the scheduled backup day/time, will Windows skip the backup, or do it on the next boot?

  4. Mike Hascats

    i keep an external drive at my parent's house in case my house is robbed. i back up my stuff once a year. more important files are emailed to myself often

  5. Tibco Power

    Thanks for the video. I have a QNAP NAS and till date, I didn't know about this backup. Now woeking smooth.

  6. Got PerX

    Hey britec do you think you could make a tutorial on transferring windows 10 from Hdd to ssd?

  7. Harry Burton

    Very helpful. Love these videos. Thanks Brian. Timely.

  8. David Solomons

    In order to restore you need access to the network drive on the computer you are restoring to. With a USB drive I use a CD to boot up from (using Easeus or Paragon etc), since it finds the USB drives. Is there a similar CD one can create which would find the network drive?

  9. Andy001z

    Scheduled backups do the wake of if in hibernate mode? What's the best option for this please.

  10. Joe Scoggins

    Not helpful for an average computer user. Have no idea what you are doing. Very inadequate explanation.

  11. Hello Master Britec,

    I use Windows 10 as a host machine, and Windows 7 as a guest one in Oracle VirtualBox. So what is the best way to create a full image of guest machine? snapshot or clone or backup? I am lokking for a good way in order to be as a" rescue image". I hope I can recieve a reply from you.

    Thank you Sir.

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