When an Android Fanboy Extremely Customizes the iPhone 14 Pro! (iOS Makeover)

As a person who’s been using an Android for over a decade, I thought it was time to switch over to the iOS side and try to theme …


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  1. Norris

    the best thing todo with an iphone is, to go to a shop who buys them and sell it

  2. Tech Karan

    AltStore, Signum Sign, Cowabunga (upto iOS 16.1.2)
    There's much more in iOS 😬

  3. Fireeyez02

    Dear apple
    Let me move apps wherever i want onnthe homescreen

  4. Hamza rajput HR

    Bro samsung modes and rotines customization video please 🎉😢❤

  5. chuyCOD

    The gestures on the iPhone are horrible, Android gestures are more usefull


    Thanks man! HowToMen has had us covered since day 1! 🙌🏻🙂


  7. Alrich de Sa

    Dude! Stop moving your hands so much. We can hear you. You don't need to act your words. Just move the camera up since you can't control your hands.

  8. Samsung Samuel

    7:08 …compared to Android and especially Samsung One UI. Too bad they have to go through all of that effort just to have a blank space on iOS, we have the option for blank spaces by default;) No offence, but Android customisation is much more advanced and also easier in most cases 😀

  9. John C J

    Look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power – Android users.

  10. mikldude

    Nice effort mate , good to know it is possible to do these things, i wish i could get enthused about personalisation on my iphone , IOS just sucks the personalisation energy right out of you.
    I do so miss being able to chuck a launcher on in 4 or 5 clicks , or jump into the developer options and change the transitions and animations 😂 or do so many of things you can do on android easily that are a pain in the ass on an iPhone.

  11. Karl

    Apple would have to be the last smartphone company in existence before I would touch an iPhone.

  12. tarroyo

    That is WAY too much work! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. haqua

    I'm an android user, but its interesting to see the differences that ios users have to do to customize their phone

  14. Mayur M

    People want iOS things on Android and Android things on iOS

  15. Prattham

    Any wallpaper for iphone 13 pro notch?

  16. Bruh how is it still this tedious to customize iOS? Apple needs to fix their OS because it's terrible and I wouldn't use an iPhone if it was free.

  17. In the voice of thanos "all this for a drop of blood"🤣😂😂. Apple still restricts too much in the way of customization. Dhope video though 💥💥

  18. SRM

    Wot a load of bollox

  19. Mahesh Manoj

    I would love to see a IpadOS makeover because for some reason apple (or the developers) don't give much importance to customization for ipads

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