Which iPhone 7 Color is the Best?… Giveaway Time!

iPhone 7 International Giveaway!
Skins from – https://www.dbrand.com
How to win:
1. Write a comment in the video
2. Be subscribed to this channel
3. Follow me on Twitter – http://twitter.com/Dave2Dtv
Draw will happen on October 2nd. Good Luck!

Music Credits:
Intro: Tyler Touché – Act Of God ft. Jason Gaffner (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili – We Made It

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  1. K3v1nZ

    I hope I win good luck everyone else

  2. Trey

    I would love to win because I have never had an actual piece of technology expect from my Windows 7 acer laptop and my parents are barely managing to pay for school and I think im pushing with asking to see a football game. So I would be delighted if I won btw big fan of the channel dave keep the good work and I know you'll go sky high!

  3. Martin Gallo

    Wow that blue actually rocks ! Very nice look there. Lets hope i will be the lucky one ^_^

  4. Patryk Bloch

    Well, I hope i win this awesome stuff. Black iphone omg!!

  5. Zeyad Ibrahim

    i want the i phone 7 ples i real love the phone and blue is my favorite color and 2 is my favorite # can i please havet and i love i phones and all i have is a i pad 3

  6. Tom Bot

    Awesome, I really wanna try this. Parents take my phone all the time, so it would be great to have gotten my own phone. 😉

    Twitter is :@WilltheWizard32

  7. Dr Griff

    Been watching your laptop reviews for a long while now, before pascal and now post-pascal. You're honestly an inspiration to me and I plan to start content creating (although its more about medicine, less about tech). Also… I really like the skin and wouldn't mind the iPhone to boot 😉


    My reaction when e shows the custom skin " -_- "

  9. Dark Black

    Please let me win your giveaway. I want a simple jetblack.I really need a phone wecant afford it. I dont have a phone ease win me

  10. AGameClan

    What is the tv you are using in the background and how do you like it

  11. Garrett Reyman

    I know I’m four years late to the party here, but the matte black isn’t a good color? Blasphemy

  12. Hashi Rani Dutta

    If I could win it… I'll surely start a youtube channel with the first video of unboxing of that dream phone 😍😍

    Love from india ❤️

    But unfortunately I'm waiting the video in december 2020 😂

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