Which MacBook to Buy in 2017?

Which Macbook Should I Buy? Including the 12″ MacBook, MacBook Air, 13″ MacBook Pro and 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar
MBA – http://amzn.to/2jhHXWZ
12″ MB – http://amzn.to/2j5wcQe
13″ MBP – http://amzn.to/2jQE8ZF
15″ MBP – http://amzn.to/2j5xZ7z
Knife – http://amzn.to/2iUnTXk

Laptop Skins – https://www.dbrand.com

Individual Reviews:
2016 13″ MBP – https://youtu.be/niExdgR14Gk
2016 15″ MBP – https://youtu.be/ibVhqq9Asqw
2016 MacBook – https://youtu.be/jRWJeKbhMK8
2015 13″ MBP – https://youtu.be/zwOcWuAbuxsv
2015 15″ MBP – https://youtu.be/0QylvO0d48s

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Intro: Matanoll – Clearness (Robotaki Remix)
Background: Fili

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  1. Nyar

    The MacBook Air is now 500$ idk should i buy it

  2. P'yon Muzik

    Dear Dave Lee,
    I don’t usually leave the comments on YouTube channel. But I would love to say big thank you!!
    I been watching your videos to get the best laptop within my budget for nearly a month.
    I was about to go for XPS15, however, I finally got my second hand MacBook Pro 2015 15” 16RAM 1TB for 950usd. Pretty good deal, huh?
    Your videos are absolutely decent, on point, knowledgeable.
    I never regret I took my time and watched your video for more than 50 times haha.
    I might come back to watch your videos just for fun.
    You are a great YouTube creator. Thanks for helping me to buy a best laptop.
    I hope you never stop producing your own videos for others like me.

    All the best😍❤️

  3. famas

    thinking about picking up a 2012 macbook pro with ssd and more ram for $380. worth it?

  4. Shashidhar HR

    Those skins are so disgusting that it ruined the aesthetics of all the laptops, and makes me not to watch this video.

  5. Marike

    I get a 2012 MacBook Pro (13 inch) in three weeks, does anyone own this, and if so, what are some major pros and cons? (Aside from weight which idc about)

  6. raghad

    Can you please do a 2018 version?

  7. Hanastasiah

    I’m a student in Computer Science. I have the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It is amazing, especially for MacOS, to use the terminal from Unix, and Xcode for coding. I really like it.
    I’d like to try a razor or dell laptop next, but I still hesitate because I don’t want to give up Xcode, and especially MacOS which is really efficient for coding without any trouble..

    Otherwise I’d try the razor blade or XPS 15 with some other Unix OS.

    Having a gaming desktop, gaming on a MacBook while travelling has been my worse experience with it..

  8. Bob Almacen

    Sir dave.can i ask you a favor??Can you give one of your macbook to me.I dont have a laptop.I like to use it on my editing.I only edit on my phone which is filmora go.I hope you notice me.Thank you🙂❤

  9. Christ

    i love how all dave's video mention to likes and subs only when the video comes to an end. Most of the youtuber out there wasted their first 5min in the beginning yanking arround "make sure you click this subscribe and like button bla bla bla" before they start to review their content.

  10. Arvind

    Dave : This is the worst idea ever.
    Intro plays
    Dave : Drops the macbooks in the background
    Dave : Smiles like nothing happened

  11. Ry

    revisiting these videos for my girlfriend! man i remember these days

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