Which Webcam Is The Best Purchase for Under $170?

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today we’re comparing six webcams between 50 and $150 all of these are amazing webcams so it’s going to be a great comparison one of them is a sponsored inclusion the obsbot tiny 2 light but as you can see it’s still in the packaging we’re going to check it out together it’s going to be tested live just like the other ones so I’m really looking forward to this this is the Logitech briu arguably one of the most popular webcams out there it is very famous and is famous for a reason this webcam is an absolute Beast you can’t really go wrong with besides the webcam it comes with a USB to USBC cable which is very long by the way I really appreciate that and besides that it also comes with a pouch which has one compartment for the webcam and then another separate one for the cable so you don’t damage the webcam It also says Logitech on the pouch itself this is a pretty nice Premium Edition I’m going to test all the webcams on this stand this way you can also see the webcam from both perspectives okay let’s see if it shows up as a video capture device Logitech Brio there we go okay so it should be connected right now this is the base quality once you connect it of the Logitech Brio it’s 4K I’m looking at my screen right now the colors look really good also the autofocus like look at how quickly it focuses on my hand and then back at my face once I look into the camera I move closer like slowly so you can see how quickly it focuses and how far it will focus I think now it will be pretty blurry and I’m not sure if it can focus this closely but it definitely works really well now I sell $99 on Amazon but I see now that this is the renewed version if we look at the legit listing it’s $17 which is $7 above the budget but first of all it’s only $7 and second of all you can get a renewed one this webcam has been around for a very long time this is the obsbot tiny 2 light it’s a light version of the very premium and very high quality obsbot tiny 2 this is a more affordable version of it and I have very high hopes I’m updating the webcam right now and it’s successful and the only thing I need to do to make it track me is this right here it will blink and then now it should be tracking me as you can see by the way look at the sharpness of this webcam that’s absolutely crazy I’m just as impressed with the light version as I was with a tiny 2 I mean this is such a good buy if you want one of these autot tracking webcams and if you use an autot tracking webcam then if you’re gaming and you slightly move you will see that it will slowly start moving and now I’m back in the frame you can change the tracking here it’s pretty fast now but it’s also very smooth if you change it to motion then it’s very Snappy like look at this look at how quickly it will track me there is no way I can lose this webcam look at this now if it’s set to normal tracking then it will just track you and if you go further away it will keep you in the frame but it won’t do anything else however if for example you change this to closeup then if you’re close it will just keep you as a closeup but if you move further away it will zoom in even if it zooms on you the quality is still good okay let’s move closer and as you can see it quickly zooms out like this is crazy you can also add presets this can be preset one then you can move a bit and this can be preset two and so now you can click on preset set two you can click on preset one and it will just move between them now this here is for manual movement you can zoom in as well look at the quality of this Zoom this is a 4ex zoom but like this webcam what this is crazy and in the image tab you can enable HDR you can use manual focus you can fix flickering this is very handy these right here are settings for the gestures these are important if you do this it will zoom in if you do it again then the webcam will zoom out now if you want to control the zoom then you do this you can go in out it’s very Snappy just as a previous one this webcam is so impressive I feel like many people are again going to love the sharpness love the colors love the tracking and let’s quickly test the mic okay hello test test now you do hear my AC in the background and I will quickly test the noise reduction so I’ll set it to strong okay you definitely hear that let’s go back to off okay very apparent maybe weak is enough now something on top here is beauty settings so we have the blur level let’s set it to two for example the autofocus is really good and the Bokey as well let’s try the maximum I have to be honest look at my hand usually this looks very very very bad between the fingers but it’s working I mean look at this you barely see artifacts this is a man filter for example now let’s see what it does I’m going to turn it off right now okay so it changed the shape of my face and smoothen my skin okay I’m going to turn off the filters for now o okay now the price of this webcam is $179 I don’t think there’s competition to this one right here it’s time for the next webcam this is the the Razer kaijo Pro and this webcam came out as the winner in a previous comparison it is 1080p 60fps has autof Focus depth of field it supports HDR and it’s a pretty wideangle webcam this webcam here has pretty much everything you would want in a gaming webcam it is 1080p but as we all know some webcams claim to be 4K and they might output 4K resolution but it doesn’t really look as crisp as the real 4K you know what I mean and this webcam puts out high quality 1080p as I mentioned I checked it out in a previous video and there was really impressed with how it handled RGB in the background and this is because it supports HDR and it really works at least back then it did so I’m really curious how it’s going to handle those slides behind me we’re going to test it and I’m very curious because we have a lot of high performing webcams in this video Let’s attach it to our stand now before I connect it this webcam is very versatile as you can see it can obviously connect to your monitor but it can also be connected to a stand and on top of that you can tilt it horizontally and you can also swivel it sideways and I’m saying this because the Logitech Brio which we checked out in the beginning this one didn’t have that option you can tilt it this way but there’s no way to swivel it sideways like you can with this razor webcam and so that means that it’s stuck in the direction your monitor is aimed at so if your monitor is a bit sideways and you want to rotate it a bit you can’t and there is also no option on the bottom to connect it to a stand like we did with this one here now in most cases that won’t be a problem but it’s good to know that this razor wrap has all the options I will show you the full screen recording of This webcam and seems to be working in terms of autofocus now something to note with this webcam is that it’s 60 FPS and as you can see my hand movements are very smooth and what I meant with the HDR is this right here for example you can perfectly see the whole shape of the RGB there on the wall with a lot of webcams this would be plain blue and that’s the effect of HDR it’s high dynamic range which means that very dark things have quite some detail and then very bright things also have quite some detail compared to dark things appearing completely black and the more bright things being completely blown out now I do want to note we’re going to check out this here which is a younger brother of this one is the Razer kajo this is the Razer kajo Pro and this one was a big favorite in the more budget version of my video and we’re going to check both today this is the Elgato face cam it’s a 1080p 60fps webcam it can be connected to a desk stand if that’s what you wish to do but it obviously also comes with a monitor clamp and overall the movements of the webcam are very versatile you can tilt for forwards you can swivel left and right and the cable that it comes with is USB to USBC however it’s a pretty short cable it also comes with a privacy screen protector and the reason I want to test this webcam next to the Razer one is that both are 1080p 60fps no 4K they both claim to Output a high quality 1080p image so we should put this one to the test I’m actually going to disconnect oops disconnect the monitor clamp because then we can connect it to our stand all right let’s put it here and let’s try to find it Elgato face cam now this obviously is Overexposed now this might be under camera control and then here exposure is at Auto let’s see if we can fix this ooh – 12 then the lights are flickering like crazy so we need – 11 we might be able to fix it with this brightness slider and let’s check out what that looks like this is the result let’s check out the autofocus like if I keep looking in the webcam like the other webcams it should actually autofocus on my face it should be pretty sharp let’s quickly check out the price they have an upgrade a face cam MK2 but this one is$ 150 the one we are checking out is this apparently it’s $80 which is $10 less than the Razer kaijo Pro but I felt like this one was a bit better Maybe I’m Wrong we’ll see in the results we have two webcams left this one is basically like the Logitech Brio it’s 1080p60 4K 30 it’s very wide angle and then this one will be the budget Contender and it might blow the rest out of the water but I’m not sure then this is the a media PW 513 as I mentioned before it’s in the same category as a Logitech Brio 4K 30 1080p60 very wide angle and this one is a very beefy webcam we can also connect this one here to the stand now this one also has a lot of movement it can move all around also has a privacy cover very useful pretty long cable let’s plug it in let’s try to find it in OBS right here live streamer cam 513 ooh this is a very Ultra wide webcam now the webcam is constantly lagging but I do know that a media has software okay I’m trying to update a webcam here so it stops disconnecting I hope this is going to work because the webcam froze after 3 seconds every time I downloaded the firmware from the website you can see that the light is blinking so it’s actually working and updating okay now I fiddled around a lot with this webcam I feel like in OBS this is the best I can get it and this is a very wide webcam like look if I touch this I should move it a bit the webcam is very versatile in terms of changing it like look at these options so the webcam is as far as the other ones right now this is definitely a very wide one I’m going to move it closer so you can see that it can be much closer to you this webcam I think there’s no autofocus ah this might be the fixed Focus one like it doesn’t really focus on anything it’s just a fixed distance let’s see if we can manually change it I think this is the focus distance so we can’t really test it like this and like test it on my eye because it’s not going to focus I think this is definitely a good webcam but I feel there are other options out there I mean this webcam is about $140 $50 for this price you can pretty much get this webcam and I I think the quality was better it’s Auto tracking it’s new or you could go for the kaijo pro for example which is half the price almost well not really half but it’s $90 it might be a bit outdated this webcam has been around for a very long time by the way I might have forgot to mention I do have a 5% discount code of this OBS webcam that’s not why I mentioned it because I mentioned the Razer one as well but they just sent me an email that I will get a 5% discount code so I think they used yellow 6 which is my real name which is pretty awkward but yeah code yellow 6 gets 5% of this awesome webcam let’s check out the price of the a media webcam yes $150 it’s a pretty good webcam but I wouldn’t buy this one right now and then finally this is the Razer kaijo it is a $50 webcam that blows most other ones in the same category out of the water it’s 1080p 30 FPS or 720p 60 FPS it can be connected to a desk stand connects to your PC with a USB connection and it also has a ring light on the front now to be honest with you I wouldn’t trust this ring light to light your whole face if you are serious about your image quality you should at least get some lights I will link a bunch in the description for different budgets adding lights to your setup will make a huge difference however this webcam has proven to be a really good one in bad lighting conditions so this is the quality of the Razer kaijo as I told you it is pretty sharp like look at the quality of this webcam for $50 this is a very impressive webcam for the price now you do see in the background the lights right there and especially the light below that here the go Glide there’s no detail the blue light is Overexposed it’s white line and that’s exactly what the Kaiju Pro is handling better I told you while testing it and now you can actually see it this webcam doesn’t have a high dynamic range so from the moment something gets too bright it’s Overexposed and I mean this here is a great example I had to turn the slide away because this is to light my top down here for when I’m doing unboxings and as you can see the light was a problem on my forehead now this isn’t really a big problem you probably don’t have a light like this above you and if I turn it away everything’s fine but it’s something to note and I’ll go closer one more time so you can see my eye and the focus of the swap webcam the sharpness for $50 this webcam is really hard to beat now what I’m going to do for you is show all the webcams back to back I’ve done pretty similar tests with these webcams further away than close to the webcam showing the autofocus on my eye I think the a media PW 513 was the only one that didn’t have autofocus if you’re curious for my favorites I think the Razer kaijo is hard to beat for $50 in the mid-range I would go for the Razer kaijo Pro it’s 60 FPS the image is very crisp it handles high dynamic range very well the autofocus is great and besides that it also just looks very good it looks like a beefy premium webcam then in the high range I would have set the Logitech Brio but the tiny 2 light is a beast for $179 with my 5% discount code it’s 170 I was just very impressed with the image quality and these are my three favorites $50 $90 $170 I know this one is 1080p not even 4K but if you go to the 4K range then I would go for this one and there you have I hope you enjoyed this video I hope I helped you make a choice subscribe to the channel if you want to see more content click on that video If It looks interesting to you thank you so much for watching have a nice day

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