You are currently viewing WHITE Razer Blade + Razer Phone 2!!

WHITE Razer Blade + Razer Phone 2!!

Before my review of the Razer Phone 2 and Mercury Razer Blade, here are some early thoughts from the Razer event!
Laptop Skins –

The new limited edition mercury razer blade looks stunning. It is one of the best looking laptops I’ve seen this year. Spec’d out with a GTX 1070 Max-Q and the i7-8750H, it has awesome gaming performance and is still one of the best gaming laptops you can get in 2018

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  1. Dave2D

    The Mercury Razer Blade is the best looking laptop I've seen this year. It's Ripe. Thanks for watching!

  2. Chad Carlson

    This laptop is beautiful! Better put a marble skin on it..

  3. Gharu

    "I love the way this looks, one of the best looking laptops, I recommend wrapping it in cheap vinyl that makes it look like a kitchen bench" – Dave Lee 2018

  4. ً

    Why are the captions on chinese?

  5. Pedro Santos


  6. Blkgy

    @Dave2D or anyone who can answer my question.
    Has anyone experienced motherboard issues with their Razer? Recently had mine die and I'm trying to decide on what to get to replace it and I have a few choices but am wary of going back to Razer if the Motherboard issue is a bit more common than I previously was aware of. Any input other than brand hate would be appreciated.

  7. Voltedge

    Just curious is this color limited? Planning to upgrade maybe late 2019 and I want this one <3

  8. zetdeef

    I wish Razer would sell the white Blades in Germany. That thing looks so good!

  9. springbox LP

    I am really interested in getting a Razer Blade through Amazon but I've seen alot of nasty reviews online and people are still bashing on Razer's customer support (with claims that influential youtubers are getting better service than us normal customers). Is it still worth the investment?

  10. Merrlin

    that damn chin has to go… The laptops bottom bezel is just way too big for late 2018

  11. NightKnight

    Want to buy this laptop, but afraid that white keyboard will turn yellowish with time.

  12. Lucas Féres

    I tnink lately Razer have improved so much in terms of hardware. Not only laptops but peripherals too, i never had any product because it was not only expensive but i heard to much complaints about it being cheap and not durable at all. But i must admit, i fell in love with their latest releases.

  13. BOOZY阿寶

    我自己本身是razer迷 後來買了多少個 全都在使用一年內壞了 對razer已經沒愛了.. QQ

  14. VirtualFunction

    So… 2 year warranty on a headset… but a 1 year warranty on a multi-thousand dollar laptop? You'll forgive me if I don't burst into spontaneous applause.

  15. Justin Land

    That ponk one was flashy id love to see sn emarld color

  16. K M

    رمضان كريم
    صلي وسلم على رسول الله

  17. V L

    mercury white blade is hands down the best looking laptop right now

  18. xNight_441

    I think i gonna buy razer phone 4 when it comes

  19. Borgy Manotoy

    I would like to upgrade to razer phone 2 because of its IP rating. I am just hesitant because of my current experience with my razer phone 1 (aside from the price also lols)… I find my RP1 wifi and LTE a bit weaker compared to the pocophone f1 of my brother… even weaker than my old iphone 7. Not just weaker, but also a bit unstable… when we play (Mobile Legend).. I usually get yellow or red pings when connected to wifi but my friends' phones rarely does. Also, the LTE speedtest of RP1 (average of 25mbps) is slower than iP7 (average of 65mbps) using the same sim (transferred from phone to phone for testing) and same location. If RP2 will improve the wifi and LTE connectivity… may be I can ignore the price. Maybe the LTE category of RP1 is not as great as iP7.

  20. Mavolant

    This phone is literally $300 right now wtf??

  21. Is the Razer Phone 2 a good pick up in 2019 for $320? Not concerned about the hardware, but are there problems with software support or anything like that?

  22. Neko Maru

    this phone is now $300 for this weekend, should I buy this? does anyone know how much was this a before Black Friday?

  23. hengineer

    Watching this video now. After their popularity anyone notice the mercury ain't limited edition anymore?

  24. Iphone X

    Got it for 3 days now. Looks really good. It is and feels premium. Rgb lights are amazing. Touchpad is very well placed and good to work with. The buttons are confortable to type on. It doesent lag or something. Everything is starting fast. For gaming i did the undervolting with Throttlestop and managed to get it in extreme gaming usage not more than 75c•. I was reading in other comments it went till 100 and more but with mine i was totaly fine with this temperatures. Only cons i have the price is super expensive. 2200 Euros for the advanced model 240hz 16gb and 250gb storage. Camera sucks cuz its just 720p but hey who needs that unless you are a streamer or somethin like that. All in all i would say it is high standard also in price. I would never bought another gaming laptop. Ordered HP omen 15 first but returned it immediately after seeing this sweet fella.

  25. Happy

    i wish bezels weren't silver… Would've been perfect <3

  26. Titanium Tronic

    Dave Lee: makes video at 360p
    Me: still can only make it to 144p :/

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