Who’s to Blame for Windows 10 1809 Bug and Loss of Data ?

Who’s to Blame for Windows 10 1809 Bug and Loss of Data ?

This video is to answer some of your questions and to clear any misunderstanding on the Windows 10 October 1809 update bug. Some people seem to thing there was no issue at all with the update, when this is clearly not the case. Also I received a lot of hate and trolls in the comments who seem to think they know better because they installed Windows 10 update 1809 OK and was also following the misinformation from other Youtube channels.


Microsoft said: We have paused the rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809)* for all users as we investigate isolated reports of users missing some files after updating.

For the latest information on this issue please see John Cable’s blog.


The link above explains everything you need to know about the error, which was a problem with Known Folder Redirection (KFR)

While the reports of actual data loss are few (one one-hundredth of one percent of version 1809 installs), These people lost data, that’s over 4 million people, which is a lot. Remember they paused the update, so if this got rolled out to everyone, the problem could of been a lot worst.

The problem has now been fixed and with Windows Insider Program for testing.

Microsoft is re-releasing its Windows 10 October 2018 Update today

So the rollout of October 1809 should be very soon. Remember this information is from the horses mouth, Microsoft and not someone on Youtube who loves the sound of his own voice and don’t know any of the facts, because he can’t be bothered to research the truth and assumes whats true and then proceeds to spread misinformation, you know who it is 😛

Who’s to Blame for Windows 10 1809 Bug and Loss of Data?

Most of the users whose devices or programs that were affected by bugs in this OS update blamed Microsoft for the whole thing.
Microsoft is the developer of Windows 10 and feature updates, so if the update release is buggy, who else to blame for it?

Well we could blame
Third party vendors who don’t update their software or drivers?
Hardware Companies for not being Windows friendly?
Users who use old Hardware that’s not supposed to be compatible with Windows 10?
User for not using the golden rule of using a computer, Backup, Backup, Backup

Here is my opinion.
1: Everyone should be backing up there data, its 2018 and its never been easier.
2: When updates are forced on people without a choice to delay or stop the update and it then deletes data. This is Microsoft fault, yes you should have backups of your data, but when its forced on you and the update is not 100% safe, then its Microsoft’s fault.
What if you backup once a week and this happen they day before a backup? who’s fault is it? stop using users as guinea pigs and test release properly before you releases it?
3. Because some people are not having a issue with the update, like loss of data, this does not mean others are not, so Microsoft where right to pause the update. I see loads of people saying I have installed it on 17 machines and had no issue, this does not mean others have not had the same luck as you.
4. Does this mean I should update to 1809? NO because there is a big problem, hence why Microsoft pulled or paused the update.
5. Windows Home users don’t have a choice to pause updates, so these updates were forced on people. Windows 10 Pro have option to delay. This is what happens when Microsoft take away control of Windows updates and force them on people. Some people have lost work when there computers shuts down with the chance to stop it and lost data.
6. Should you rollback to previous version of Windows 10 1803? If you are having problems Yes, but if the system is fine, leave it alone.
7. Remember there are Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert users and the beginner user can’t be blamed for loss of data because of a broken updated that should of been tested in the insider program better, how many buggy Windows 10 updates do we have to put up with before they get it right.

Remember haters and trolls are not welcome and will be blocked.

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  1. Chris

    It's not the user's job to spend hundreds of dollars to build a system that constantly backs up information and data in the event that the provider, whom already forces the users to submit to random updates on a whim, completely neglects to properly test their software before mass release. Blaming the user for something they have no control or insight over is completely wrong and malpractice. They had no idea when the update was coming, or what it consisted of. And they had no control over when to update it. Microsoft releases a bad update, and the user sits back for the ride because they have no control over any aspect of the computer's update habits. This is perfectly summed up by a simple analogy. Who directly suffers at the hands of greed and power? The soldiers. The ruler wages war, and it's the soldier's job to fight, regardless of how stupid the reasons. They have no control over who or what they die for. They just die because the Ruler commanded it. Same instance with Microsoft forced updates. We have no ultimate control over how we update or what is added, but we do it anyway because we aren't given the option.

  2. GNamimates

    Because of windows i lost my oldest computer with Windows 10
    R.I.P old computer I accidentally damaged the storage

  3. Dennis

    I would blame Obama. Or at least Hillary.

  4. Pawesome Pal

    Those of you who hate the changes Microsoft are making to Windows 10. Y'all should install Windows 10 LTSB, it's the version that ATMs run. No Cortana, no Windows Store, and all the other bullshit.

  5. Mark D. Smith

    Microsoft should automatic backup all data before pushing automatic updates.

  6. Peter Jansen

    How about just not using Windows as much as you can? Use Linux instead. 😉

  7. Peter Jansen

    "We can't blame MS for everything". Sorry, that is nonsense in regard to this data loss. If you meant it like that. Yes, the user should make backups of important data, no discussion about that. However, if not hardware failure is to blame for the data loss but MS deleting files without permission then MS is for 100% to blame for this data loss. There is no diminished blame because the user ALSO screwed up. There are a few golden rules for any operating system.
    – Thy shall not install software which is not necessary for the OS to function without the user his permission. This does NOT include permission given via a forced EULA which is probably not even valid in the European Union.
    – Thy shall not remove any software without the permission of the user.
    – Thy shall not spy on the user without his permission, again not including permission given via the EULA.

    Basic user rights which should be evident and were evident. MS doesn't respect basis user rights any more. I also use Windows (7), mostly for gaming, but the rest I do on Linux because of this. It is up to MS to earn trust back, with the current management they probably won't for the next few years.

  8. Technoidse

    The software business total refusal to any liability has got to end…

  9. c3po626

    Bottom line Brian, this is what happens when you cut out an integral department, and let the users suffer. Microsoft needs to rethink things and stop using us as their lackeys. It's why i have windows update disabled, i would rather choose when i update. Not when they want. The only time they will learn is when someone sues them.

  10. Muhammad Ali

    Interesting I lost data on my D:/ drive lucky I had a backup of my data and was able to restore but it took a long time as it was a few family videos and game saves. I have lost some of the game saves as they were not recently backed up. But im not too fussed. What I didn't know was I was automatically updated. Thanks for clearing up what caused my problem.

  11. I solved this problems forever on all my computers (i have a lot) DISABLE ALL UPSETS, NEVER UPDATES MY SYSTEM ONLY ONCE AFTER INSTALLING

  12. Qibili

    This just happened to a PC I am working on. ALL data lost! Why didn't Microsoft disable this upgrade? I am happy I migrated to Mac.

  13. RCW

    If you lost data, it's YOUR fault. period full stop the end
    With computers things will go wrong, OS bugs, failing HDDs, SSDs, floppy, tape, punch cards, shit happens.
    Grow up.
    This was true in 1968 when I started with IBM and it's still true. No hardware or software maker is responsible for your data. You are.
    This is Day One Computer 101. No excuses.
    And get the hell off my lawn!

  14. peter gammon

    Peter G . I have this issue with the 1809 update and it completely broke my device .I tried to use my recovery disks etc but couldnt get into the boot menu . I have no idea why ,all i got was the logo and the pc was totally unresponsive,I tried for days to get the pc working but to no avail , I would like to add that previous to this update I had no issues whatsoever with my Machine ,I eventually went and bought another pc , also my laptop updated to this build and appears to be okay , Anyway thanks for an informative channel your expertise has taught me an awful lot ,once again Thankyou.

  15. is it likely to affect users who are attempting to do a clean installation of win 10 v 1809(rather than updating from any previous version)?Does it delete files only on the c drive or from other drives as well?

  16. ASgfjyhgyi

    Who's to Blame for Windows 10 1809 Bug and Loss of Data ? Answer is simple. There is some spies from crApple. They filtered into Microsoft and try make sabotage. Kill them!!!!

  17. James Milton

    The 'forced updates' is a huge issue. It represents a loss of sovereignty over items that you own, and Windows 10 has been the stealth factor which has created this situation. The Microsoft of 20 years ago was a user friendly company. The people running the show now are doing so with an arrogance and a contempt that believes they are untouchable.

  18. ody dram

    當Windows 10推出重大更新,就是全球PC使用者膽戰心驚的時刻,然而於2018年10月份推出的版號1809更新,則可以說是例年最慘重的災情之一,在某些特定情況下,系統會刪除存放於「我的文件」中的檔案,造成使用者相當大的損失,Microsoft調查後找出是因「已知資料夾重新導向」造成。


    Microsoft在10月出開始向一般使用者推送1809更新之後,就在使用者提交的意見回饋中,發現系統會自動刪除硬碟中的檔案,更慘的是被刪除的對象是「C:/Users/ <使用者名稱>/Documents/」資料夾(即我的文件),對使用者的影響非常大,因此緊急撤銷更新。

    Microsoft在調查其中原委後,發現這個問題是由「已知資料夾重新導向」(Knows Folder Redirection,以下簡稱KFR)所造成。



    I hate win10

  19. John White

    lost every thing and my computer ,and no apps will respond.

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