Why 2023 OLED TVs Will Be the Brightest & Best Yet | MLA (Micro Lens Array) Explained

LG Display’s third-generation OLED panels include a new technology that promises peak brightness up to 2100 nits and better off-angle viewing, all without a single extra watt of power. How did they do it? The new tech — call it MLA, META, Brightness Booster Max, or whatever — is remarkably simple, yet effective. Here’s how it works, why the best TVs and computer monitors will have it, and whether you might want MLA in your next TV.

LG Display Micro Lenses Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdJvxQTqAys

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What is a Micro Lens Array, and how does it make OLED TVs brighter? https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/lg-display-oled-meta-micro-lens-array-ces-2023/

00:00 Intro
01:01 MLA Naming Conventions
02:32 Micro Lens Array Explained
05:23 Software & Processing
06:07 Brightness Claims
06:55 MLA vs QD-OLED
08:52 Final Thoughts



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  1. Eman

    so basically, the average person won't have it. Most will buy the C3 and B3 because of cost.

  2. Andrei

    OLED vs micro LED is the real question. I don't really think burn in will ever not be an issue with OLED so that might be the main differentiator between them.

  3. Master Phoenix

    we just have to have they really don't use dragonfly eyes to produce the panels 🤣😂🤣

  4. Vaughn McGregor

    I'm wondering if the G3 will "add" the MLA technology to the heat sink and EVO panel of last years G2 tech or is it a direct replacement 🤔…

  5. Captain Kangaroo

    Sometimes I miss the days when there were only three tv channels and when you bought a new tv you watched it for years. Now every time I think about buying a tv I know that it’s going to be dated in a year or less. The only saving grace is that they are not very expensive comparatively speaking when adjusted for inflation over time.

  6. Bobby Ahmed

    So any chance there will be a qd-oled panel with MLA??

  7. RedLeo3000

    The good news is, it seems like every TV brand is trying to outdo every other TV brand. Pretty exciting.

  8. Nathan Green

    Will the MLA tech cause raised blacks though? QD OLED screens have raised blacks in any room with light. I"m curious if MLA will have a similiar problem despite being totally different….

  9. Manoj Gail

    Please ask Samsung to make TVs with Dolby Vision certification. I will buy S95C in a heartbeat. That's only thing which is stopping me to choose Samsung and instead considering G3.

  10. OS92X

    Well, it's time for me to jump on OLED.

  11. This channel has some of the best visuals in over all video quality. Always make my tv pop

  12. Juan Lopez

    That magenta looked fire AF, hahahaha good 1 make my day!!. Thanks as usual for great content!! Saludos desde Colombia 🇨🇴

  13. Vladimir Putin

    They should combine quantum dots tech with mla array to get more brighter images

  14. bushgreen

    Is it possible Samsung display make their own MLA tech and add it to their QD-OLED displays? Imagine how bright it will be then. Free extra brightness with no increase of power consumption.

  15. jGRite

    3 snaps in a z formation?

    3 snaps in a 7 formation.

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