Why are Grand Seiko GMT's the Best Kept Secret? (SBGE257, SBGM221, SBGJ237, SBGE285)

A Discussion around Grand Seiko and why they create some of the most dynamic and beautiful GMT’s in the world. A collection that does not not conform and constantly asks questions about improving styles, designs and colours. Has GS trumped the GMT Genre and produced some of the best?

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  1. IDGuy

    Debatable point, but has Grand Seiko trumped the GMT Genre? 🥃

  2. Calvin Chann

    My next GS will the the quartz GMT with the blue dial. I have the Seiko Prospex LX GMT (missed the LE version 😢) and the dial is beautiful. It’s just a bit chunky.

  3. Michael Paris

    Have a GS GMT in Quartz, you shown in dark blue with orange gmt hand. You can get lost looking into the dial, you don't get tired of it. Yes for a few hundred more could have got their basic automatic gmt, basically the same dial etc. Have the blue Omega 57 love the color, the mesh looks ok.never thought about it, my Omega AD is sourcing me the regular bracelet in lieu of discount, might tell him to get the mesh. They're also my GS AD, It's true, stick to an AD and they do for you.

  4. steve j

    something about the 24 at the top of the bezel. gives the watch real weight.

  5. Z H

    Grand Seiko makes beautiful well designed watches no question there, now only if I could actually afford one 🤣

  6. navybluemonster

    Can’t wait to see a GS in your collection. I’ve no problem with their bracelets, but I prefer to wear them on straps as I feel they were designed for straps. All straps. Dress them up dress them down.

  7. Grammar Boy

    I have the SBGM221 and absolutely love it. The only negative is the water resistance, but it’s a stunning watch. I bought it because I can no longer travel with my Batgirl. It’s too much bling, too recognizable, and wearing it makes one a target, especially in a strange city.

    Don’t hesitate – you’ll love the 257.

  8. CraigG

    If only they spent as much time/effort on the bracelets & clasps as they do their dials…

  9. Nathan Smith

    My first stop Grand Seiko will be a GMT as well. Love the look and tech!

  10. Noel F

    I’ve had a Rolex 16710 GMT-II for nearly 20 years and I’d love to replace it with a GS equivalent, but I have a few problems with the current fleet of Grand Seiko GMTs. Firstly, most of them don’t have a rotating bezel. I’m sorry but a GMT with a jumping hour hand that doesn’t have a rotating bezel is just plain stupid, a jumping 24hr hand is a different story, but a jumping hour hand and fixed 24hr hand is pointless without a rotating bezel.

    Secondly, those that have rotating bezels are stupidly large and overly thick due mostly to the 200m water resistance and fat movements. Thirdly, I can live with the crown at 4 o’clock, but the date window at 4 looks dopey to my eye.

    The annoying part is that at 12.1mm thick with a 39mm diameter they make (made) almost the perfect watch with the SBGN001/003/005. All those watches needed was a rotating bezel, which would likely push it out to 40mm, and you’d have the perfect replacement for a Rolex GMT-II, with the added bonus of better than 10 seconds/year accuracy. It’s such a missed opportunity…


    wonderful watches.
    not only aesthetically beautiful. but also the quality and craftsmanship is AWESOME., thank you. great episode,,,,

  12. Danny Simenauer

    Grand Seiko has many advantages over the Rolex GMT Master II collection except price appreciation. The GS dials are stunning. However, I found World Timer watches to offer far greater value as you can see the time anywhere in the world with a glance of the dial.

  13. Simon Yu

    I was looking to pick up a GMT watch recently and Grand Seiko made it hard to choose one, in both good and bad ways. I was very tempted by their dressier pieces, but lume is a big benefit for the kinds of events I'll be traveling for. On the other hand, their sport lineup was just too big for me and that feels like a missed opportunity (also part of why I ruled out a Longines Zulu Time). I ended up with a Mistflake as it felt like the only offering with both lume and appropriate case dimensions for me. It's an amazing watch and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has hacking seconds which I know some other GMTs I was looking at don't. But I do feel some disappointment that this really was the only model in their lineup that met my criteria.

    They've done an amazing job creating GMT watches that are uniquely their own but it also makes me wish that more of their sportier ones didn't follow the size trends of others.

  14. Can we get a video about your strategies for saving up for a watch? I've mostly dabbled in some affordable pieces but I do want to take the next step soon.

  15. S Doyle

    I bought my GS GMT sport (SBGJ239) a year and a half ago – I love the high beat movement. GS sure does have a lot of GMT offerings. If GS can do better in the bracelet department they would be unstoppable; maybe also make them a bit slimmer. Great video!!

  16. Khrono Kraze

    I do believe it was a Spring Drive GMT watch that first caught my eyes to look towards GS as a both an impressive brand and a GMT watch to strive for. Although many that I like are a smidgen larger in case size and thickness than I may prefer. There's no denying GS (& Seiko, of course) know how to design and sculpt seamingly large watches to wear a lot better on wrist than one might initially imagine if just looking at raw specs and images/videos from afar. You really need to have one in person and try on the wrist to fully realize just how wearable they can be… And visually smaller than suggested dimensions may suggest.
    Of course they have many more compact and slimmer GMT offerings, too… That just meams those can wear that much better.
    The quality and value is almost unquestionable.

  17. Matty S 146

    Agree with all your points, though feel the same about all the GS range, not just their GMTs

  18. Jeffrey Bialowas

    Grand Seiko has patek finishing with non Matched dials. The brand is still a watch guy brand but the last 2 years it’s been catching up full speed ahead, best bang for your buck on quality of finish, technology, style, but they need to extend there warranty to 8 years like most other brands, Jeff.

  19. Defenstrator

    I have the Peacock. I picked it up second hand before Grand Seiko and the price took off. I love it. It’s a great GMT without the loud bezel. Something you can wear in an office. But it still has durability and 100 meters water resistance. A true do everything watch.

  20. John DeOrian

    I personally love the SBGJ201 Mt. Iwate most of all (the variant of the Peacock that was shown but not named in this video).

  21. MBE

    Thanks for the great video.

    I chose the SBGE253 black version about 9 or 10 months ago as the GMT representative in my tiny collection. Reason was the value for money. Spring drive USP, steel craftsmanship, size/wearability, etc. Also purchased it because it flies under the radar. At least I thought. Funny enough at one of my first wearings last year, a gent sitting next to me in a restaurant approached me 'if this was a GS on my wrist?' It was the first GS he saw in the wild. What a legend.
    My only little negative is the fiddly usability of the crown at 4 and the lack of a true micro adjustment.

    Otherwise an overwhelmingly good piece.

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