Why Did BestBuy Sell this Gaming Laptop SO CHEAP?!

During Black Friday you can get some awesome deals on Gaming Laptops and this one is no different! For only $450 we got an RTX 2050 and Ryzen 5 7535HS. But is it really a good deal?

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HP Victus 15.6”
BestBuy: https://howl.me/ckWLZjxMTSI

Other Gaming Laptops at BestBuy
BestBuy – https://howl.me/ck0hTAUUiGF

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  1. Kecske Gaming

    Just for the thank of god use normal taa (with 100% 3d res) in fortnite, it just drops a lot of fps by using epic tsr and also maybe just take the textures and all the other settings down and just put the render distance to epic

  2. jjermu

    little tip everyone uses performance in fortnite its part of the "competitive settings"

  3. Al Ray

    I saw this last week on BestBuy's website for $450 as well. I've just checked and it's back up to $800.
    Edit* Amazon has it for $580, but at that price might as well save a bit more for 3 series GPU.

  4. M4 Media

    $800 is not cheap. I have similar specs with 1tb solid state and I got it for like 260$

  5. David

    Do you have any thoughts on what another stick to bring it up to 16Gb would have done for performance? And Price already back up to 699

  6. David Miller

    I want to get a laptop for my dad, who has a lot of free time three times a week, to play Diablo 4 with me. We played 2 and 3 to death, but his computer died on him. What kind of performance do you figure he'd get with this? Would you recommend it? If not, what laptop would you recommend?

  7. John McGuire

    In general, with these cheaper laptop reviews, I would love to see you add that extra stick of memory and see how it does with the upgrade at the end of the videos.

  8. B Lam

    I watch all your videos. Can you start testing Forza Horizon 5?

  9. los guy

    In my area it $799.99 no thanks… lol

  10. Noobgam3s


  11. Outside Duh Box

    Best buy has an asus oled 2.8k with 13th gen i7, and 3050 w 16gb ram for 799.99 rn and if you want i9 with 1tb of storage..its 999.99 insane deal!

  12. c6sey LIVE

    Please drop some more of your fire PCs at 2k. I tried to order; didn’t go through then I emailed and it was gone the next day. I will gladly pay expedited 🙂

  13. MrBeets

    Pretty sure I mentioned this in a comment on one of your videos a few days ago….

  14. ProBro

    I wish i lived in the present with the gift of my past mistakes, but the future keeps luring in like a paco of snakes.

  15. Razvan Cojocaru

    The locker system is very popular in Europe and it's been implemented by major retailers for about 3 years now, I'm surprised it's not that common in the US.

  16. Jason B

    They sold it cheap cuz HP made it cheap

  17. Got the i5/3050 version on sale for about $600 this year from Best Buy. I would watch out for that model.

  18. Juan Perez

    Hey what do you think about this build:

    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

    Silicon Power Value Gaming RAM 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz

    ASRock B550M-HDV

    WD Blue SN570 500GB

    Thermaltake Versa H18

    Thermaltake Smart Series 500W

    As you can see I’m on a very tight budget since I’m only 15 and don’t work, what would you change?

  19. LatinLegacy

    The RTX 2050 will be the new GTX 1650 for entry level gaming laptops. I just don’t expect it to be around for as long as the 1650 was. Which is still being used in 2023 released laptops.

  20. Sino Em

    i bought a HP Victus with an i7 11th gen and 3060 from someone off facebook marketplace for $400 dollars greatest deal ive ever gotten

  21. Nelson Stack

    I would really want the intel equivalent to compare them just for preferences. I have never used an amd based pc. But, it seems like it comes down to preference. I have demoed them kinda and it feels like it's got its positives and negatives but unless it's top tier the lag is unbearable when it does lag. unlike intel where theres always a solid work around cuz it usually just chugs along.

  22. Josh Grant

    Bought this laptop last week and love it so far. Been playing cs2 and Diablo 4. I was looking at the Victus with the i5 and 3050 a couple weeks earlier and didn’t buy it then the sale ended. When that ended this went on sale for 459 and I picked it up immediately. I upgraded to 32gb of Corsair ddr5 and it is a great deal. Probably wouldn’t buy at 800 but for 459 it’s a steal

  23. Salty

    That laptop is $999 here in Canada.

  24. RoosterCody

    I just bought this laptop last week at Best Buy! I'm very pleased with it!

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