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Why I bought the Apple Watch Ultra…

Apple has just announced the most exciting Apple Watch since the original with a brand new rugged titanium design, massive 49mm display, new health features, up to 60 hours of battery life, and exclusive features that make it better for extreme outdoor activities. However, I am not planning on doing those extreme outdoor activities… however, I am still in love with this beautiful, big, bold Apple Watch, so let me tell you why I bought it and some concerns I have moving to a bigger watch.

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  1. Heather Williams

    I’m getting the new Ultra too, Greg. Ready for a new Watch experience as someone who already loves her watch. I still have a 6 so this is going to be a major upgrade. I gotta wait until October since it’s backordered but that’s okay. Excited for it! Plus, I like that Apple didn’t go crazy with the price on this. I may actually be able to keep this one for a longer time, but we’ll see. It looks more durable. My watches have always scratched up terribly bad so hoping this might be better. Thanks for sharing your reasons!

  2. Jimmy D

    I already placed a pre-order with the green Alpine loop for the simple reason that it just looks amazing. I currently have a series 5 and there are no problems with it at all, but I've always wanted something larger and the fact that the screen is going to be brighter with a bigger battery just makes it that much more attractive. I cannot wait to wear it around!

  3. Tommy Parker

    I’m not gonna lie. I thought about everything you said as far as how to dress up the Apple Watch. And half of me is feeling bold like screw it. Whether it matches or not. I’m gonna rock it because I learned the hard way with my series 1 I can’t just leave a watch on the charger until I’m ready to use it as a backup. I’m a 1 watch at a time guy. And I killed that battery quick. With that being said. I got over the fact my watch and phone won’t match 100% if I got the ultra. And that took a lot because I’ve been coordinating for so long. But I also don’t want to look back next year at this time and feel like I have to downgrade to the next series 9 per se & notice the change & get stuck feeling like I have to stick to ultra here on out. Because I can’t downgrade to a regular 14 after having a 12 Pro Max. I have to keep the 14 Pro Max. When I went from 7 Plus to the X. It took a long time to adjust to the smaller size. And no landscape mode. So when I went from the X to the 12 Pro Max? Relief. And I’m not an upgrade every year type of person. 2 to 3 years usually. And watches longer I feel. I don’t know. Sleeping with a watch that big I fear I’ll feel claustrophobic. I wish there was an apple sleep ring that’s cooler or something.

  4. Steven Quek

    I’m eyeing on ultra for the screen size and unique rugged look yet can still look rather elegant.

  5. Michael Mathes

    I'm not rich enough to afford an 800.00 watch. Next year it will be outdated with the new Ultra .

  6. Zorriss Sarethi

    if you imagine yourself in the role of James Bond or something, an Apple Watch ultra also makes sense for fine events. ^^

  7. Richard Ensign

    I am the exact opposite of the target audience, with my daily exercise moving from my work chair to the couch, however, the 2 things that make me want to get this watch are: bigger screen and longer battery life.

  8. Matthew Kofalk

    I’m considering this watch, because I need the battery life and really wanna utilize the outdoors aspect of it

  9. Fred Slayton

    I still can’t get any Apple Watch to read through my tattoo on my left wrist so a lot of features don’t work. No AW for me until they fix that

  10. Jan Atle

    Here in Norway, the Ultra watch price is a 1000 dollars 😟 So it is expensive here.

  11. Illiya Kuryakin

    I look forward to your review of the new Ultra. Is that a Braun razor shirt you are wearing?

  12. Alek

    You’ll pretty much make your money back making a few videos about it so won’t be a big deal for you

  13. Col Mastro

    This bloke is trying to justify the fact that he's indoctrinated into the apple cult lol. Same sht time and time again and desperately trying to make himself believe there's something new, so pathetic.

  14. Man!! I want this watch but I hate that it only comes in this one silver color! I know they will come out with other colors in the future. I want one in gold, you know they’re going to come out with a black version.

  15. Brandon Joyner

    Before watching I already preordered the ultra, it’s time for me to finally replace my Series 4 watch.

  16. I’m buying this!! I trade for a living and can make the money to buy this watch in 15 minutes

  17. I know Apple is marketing the Ultra toward edge-case athletes, climbers, divers and people who work in extreme weather; but at the same time, Apple knows most regular people who just want the 'best' apple watch will buy this one, especially those who have been wanting a bigger screen (i.e. half the men who buy an apple watch, including me). Do I need an Apple Watch Ultra? No way. But since I would be buying a series 8 stainless steel watch for the same price anyway, why not get the bigger watch (which I've been wanting) with the better battery life, with the lighter and more premium titanium finish and with one of the awesome new bands. It's really a no brainer.

  18. Thomas Benham

    For $800 and titanium case and satellite SOS I bought it. I'm hoping I can adjust to the larger size. I'm no fan of the bands. If they make a 59 mm Steel link band, I'll probably buy it, despite the crazy price.

  19. Node 46

    I’ll definitely change my Series 7. Ultra is lit 🔥

  20. Francis

    Why you bought the ultra…because your an Apple fan.(period)

  21. Veronica Serrato

    Hi, if I buy the ultra Apple Watch ⌚️ does only come in GPS and cellular or can you buy just the GPS? Thank you loved your video

  22. Quik ness

    Big question is … if there was no ultra … would u get series 8????

  23. NYRfan4ever

    Great video! I ordered mine right away. Totally agree with all your points here. Battery life improvement is huge for me.

  24. I'm really a watch fan. But when I talk watches; I talk mechanical or winding watches. I never considered any apple watch to be in my possession until Ultra. I decided to not wear "Apple Watch" but "Ultra" because it has a bigger screen, bigger battery life, more rugged and can be of use under my fat fingers.

  25. John Shiffler

    Hopefully Apple will figure out how to measure blood pressure. That’s something I’d like on the watch.

  26. MadDog Incorp.

    iPhone 14 pro. (Max to large for what need)

    AirPod pro 2

    No watch yet.. feels like it’s still a great connivence feature. Not something that is missing from the “eco-system”

  27. Ej Isloco

    Still waiting for a video where they actually compare it side by side (series 8 and the ultra)

  28. Chris K

    Just bought the Series 7 less than a year ago (I did not get it right away).

  29. B DEALE

    I summited Mount Langley a couple weeks ago. My series 5 made it to the top….and about 20 minutes down on the return trip. I was using the hiking workout and just ran the watch out of batterye. SUCH a drag to lose all of that data on the way back.
    Hopefully the new Ultra can handle the 15+ hour hike I have planned later this year. I ordered the Ultra as soon as the website let me….I kept refreshing until they came up for sale.
    Can’t wait for the 23rd…..but guess I have to.

  30. Joshua Giles

    Yeah and definitely that 800 price point is actually pretty good for the ultra. Especially with all the extras, being titanium and having native cell service. Honestly it makes the stainless steel and other versions of previous higher tier models look like a bad value.

  31. Joshua Giles

    I definitely think that Apple will make more use out of the temperature sensor’s than just the women’s health . I definitely feel that will most definitely happen with a new update later on.


    I pre-ordered yesterday. I currently have a series three so I'm getting all of the upgrades I've missed out on, also I don't think I will have to upgrade again for another 5 years (hopefully) the bigger screen and design I think looks beautiful, not to mention that 2x battery life.

  33. kenljohnston

    I currently have apple watch 5. I ordered a apple 8 ULTRA that should be in my hands in two days, can't wait! This new ULTRA will be for daily use, I have plenty of dress watches for dress.

  34. SanFrancisco

    Me I don’t like the design , I stick to my G-Shocks

  35. AggiePride4life

    As for dressing up, I pull out my mechanical watches for that. I even did that with the regular watch. If you don’t have a real watch, I would recommend getting different bands that don’t look so sporty.

  36. AggiePride4life

    I’m definitely getting the ultra! I have been rocking the original Apple Watch since 2015 that I paid over $700 for. I said then that I won’t upgrade until the come up with a redesign. Well the day has come! As for the programmable button, I think we will see that eventually make its way to the regular Apple Watch along with the flat face! That will probably be series 9.

  37. Bulancez

    I currently have a series 3. I was excited to hear about the ultra because of its durability. I had a series 1 watch but the screen got obliterated while I was at work. I am torn about upgrading though because my series 3 is operating just fine.Although I’m missing out on helpful features like fall protection and what not. I really really want the new one but also don’t want to shell out the money if I don’t have to. I noticed they were still selling the series 3 until now so it will be interesting to see how it starts to slow down. That’s if I don’t accidentally break this one as well.

  38. Owen Boxall

    I’m a area manager over a vast area with no coverage I’ve bought the ultra as a safety device

  39. Mr.Merc19

    I am probably going to be picking up the se 2 due to cost concerns but also just I think the ultra is so unnecessary

  40. Gregory Np

    Bought an ultra and apple took my 6 in trade for a fair price. Ships 11/1

  41. The Gold Lions

    I purchased an Apple Watch Ultra and 14 Pro Max. Great minds think alike Greg haha 😄

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