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Why I Like The OnePlus 6

My review on the OnePlus 6 after using it for about a month. Solid device but very much a OnePlus device. I’d consider it the best $500 phone on the global market.
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  1. Dave2D

    I shot this experimental video on the OnePlus 6 with no B-roll. I think I'd need to pick up smartphone lenses to make this work, but do you like seeing a video shot on the device being covered? Thanks for watching!

  2. Yalok Iy

    The most subjective video from Dave. Dislike from my side.

  3. E Rheaume

    I could pick the OP6T over the S9+ if the vibration motor wasn't so horrible… literally don't feel any texts, calls…

  4. xerx

    I'm watching this on my one plus 6 haha

  5. actias

    Meanwhile s9 is being cheaper than even oneplus 6t in EU. Oneplus is just not a good deal anymore. (not to mention it doesn't have a jack anymore)

  6. Vic Tanedo

    Hey Dave, I just got a Oneplus 6 and ever since I did my update IG videos would start off clear but then go blurry after 2secs into it. Have you experienced this at all or have you heard any similar complaints? Do you know any possible solutions for this at all? I've tried reaching out in the Oneplus community app but pple keep annoyingly saying it's my internet connection but I don't think that's the case. I would love your opinion on this please!

  7. Branko

    Hmmm so pixel is so laggy… So one plus 6 is the smoothest device ever compared to the pixels.

  8. Ariozo

    Software is One of the reasons I love it, always have the last pixel and love Pure Android but this one is like that + that small things you miss on stock. And after 9 my 6t is as smooth as my pixel 3. Pixel 3 xl I can force to stutter some as that small Ram whatever they say is to low. But Google always keep it "low" on some part, and this year it was the Ram. If they just could go full out sometime..😁

  9. One 2 Infinity

    I use one plus 2 and its speaker are the worest.but 90 doller mobile can give much more better sound.look at me one plus

  10. Aditya Mudgal

    atleast now you could have shot it and showed it in 60FPS. Please Dave Start making your videos in 60FPS.

  11. Yasir Khan

    I normally love your videos Dave, but compared to s8 and a lot of other devices this phone wins by a mile

  12. Chee Hoe, Foo

    Many people will not agree that S9 is so much better than this

  13. Paul Swift

    Why is an S9 better? Next to no security updates, childish Samsung icons, small screen, poor battery life and no headphone socket. The S9 is almost for a different market and buying a used phone compared to a new phone…not good either. Personal preference coming into this review too much.

  14. Shahrizal Ry's

    I'm a user google pixel and oneplus 6
    . Camera of course google pixel. But gaming + camera oneplus. Package. It's durable and can survive under heavy rain

  15. Nim Luikham

    Shining light onto your face at night for Face ID to work better isn't a very smart and practical way to go about. It's irritating in the dark, unpleasant even.

  16. TheColega55

    I love how honest this guy is! Fricking love your videos man!

  17. Frank Chen

    How in the world is S8 better than OnePlus 6 and S9 world better???

  18. erwin cipriano

    Thanks to this video D2D and the other one… I will be changing oneplus phone

  19. Mark Moore

    OnePlus should use your description of Oxygen OS on their site, that was sublime. Thank you!

  20. Akshat Bhatnagar

    Watching this on OnePlus 6 in 2020. And this phone is gold. Gonna be using it for another two years.

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