Why Is This Watch Ashamed Of Its Best Feature?








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Here we go again! I still love this thing though, but it is possibly the most non-commital GMT I have ever seen! Cheers, Jody


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  1. @JollyRoger1969

    I have the full size Lunar pilot and the A-15 pilot , all your fault, lol. Great watches though, I wear them often. All the best. Cheers.

  2. @Celebmacil

    I love Swatches, so I say this in the nicest way that somehow, this Bulova Oceanographer GMT just has a look that totally gives off Swatch vibes. It isn't a bad thing, though.

  3. @Furniture121

    The tiny GMT hand is a smart call… The GMT is a secondary function, it should fade into the background.

  4. @Plexcom60

    Bulovas are like little girls with curls. When they're good, they are very good indeed, but when they are bad they are horrid.

  5. @dracamon

    Like others have said, great explanation of the differences of the two types of GMTs. I used to travel a lot for work (around the US and Canada and over to Europe), but that was before I discovered automatic watches. At the time I relied on a quartz Seiko worldtimer with a quick-set time zone function.

  6. @rodg2335

    A bit off topic but the Lunar Pilot movement has no jewels unlike the Precisionist movements

  7. @scottlauren3145

    I like it but I'm with you in the size of the GMT hand, plus it's a but large fot me. The Devil Divers always look neat though especially those hour markers. Take care Jody!

  8. Great Video, Jody. I really like the Bulova back catalogue. I have the Lunar Pilot, Aerojet, and the American Clipper. I quite like the am/pm indicator on my Aerojet, useless as it is. Actually, the Aerojet would have been good as a GMT instead.

  9. @ChefShadow

    Hey Jody. I would love to see some of your deleted takes and bloopers of your filming. I know you must have some good ones. Maybe put short clips at the end of your videos.

  10. I have often bought watches on a payment plan, but only when it is same as cash. And I don't do a payment plan because I cannot afford the watch, I do it so I don't have to take that chunk of money out of savings, with the payment broken up I can pay for it without touching the savings.

    BTW, I really like that Bulova but I have to agree that it is way overpriced!

  11. @WestCoastAce27

    GMT hand is the most important thing on a GMT watch – and they failed spectacularly. Love the retro look. Price is pretty steep too.

  12. @timrosenthal46

    I like the more subtle GMT hand, much nicer than the clownish gigantic red arrows like on most GMT's.

  13. @MrHighbury

    Taking the mick with that RRP 😂
    That GMT hand ain’t gonna impress the ladies !!!

  14. @magstheonlyone

    Reading the comments and seeing people who get very confused by a GMT hand or others who don't even look at it. Why then get a GMT? These are the same morons that will buy this overpriced mess of a watch.

  15. @hobermallow5841

    I’m also a sucker for Bulova and yet they always get something really wrong. Too big or too polished or too busy/ugly, or too skinny lugs, etc.

  16. Yes, they should have made the GMT hands more distinct. And I love the design otherwise but even at a more reasonable price than MSRP it’s a bit too much for me. There are other excellent true GMT offerings, from the likes of Islander and Zelos. A shame as they got the GMT markings right which regrettably few do. As one of those “jet setters” I appreciate the quick set hour hand. There’s more than a few of us out there, too. There are plenty of my colleagues at my airline who are watch enthusiasts. They even have their own Facebook page! Cheers mate!

  17. I like the looks of it. I dislike "cyclops" in general, but this one is done really nicely – you can barely see it there.

    However, I see some missed opportunity – the watch is fully lumed, but the date wheel is NOT? Weird. And it's not like it should raise the price anymore.
    Because the price tag on this one is ridiculous, frankly. I've got a couple of watches with lumed date (or day-date) wheel apart of other elements, and they've costed me a fraction of official price of this one.
    I mean, I realize not everything is just about the specs, but to me this watch is crazily overpriced.

  18. @zapper28

    These was not made with jets in mind, but with sails, Jody. For those who surf the waves through time zones and adjust their watches every or couple of days.
    Oceanographer, you know? 😉

  19. @unixnerd23

    At that price I'd be looking at Certina's new GMT diver.

  20. @derbagger22

    If I am wearing this for a multi-national trip, I'd like a travelers GMT. Set it once, I'm fine.

  21. @daveho852

    only moan i have is the easy mixing up of second hand and its gmt one 😅

  22. Classy looking watch Jody. Cant beat black and white for classic looks and legibility. Mom had a two tone black and white 1956 Ford Victoria. This watch has style.

  23. @artochoamovies

    Gracious I love vintage looking Bulova’s but the dial here is just ugly. It’s a pass for me.
    And Jody, my prediction is it will remain in your collection for three months.

  24. @malzahar33

    Don't like it. And the no quick set for the date… Lol. Better to have no date then

  25. @voidifremoved

    I have the root beer version and absolutely love it including the small GMT hand. Owning several GMTs it is refreshing that the GMT hand does not overwhelm the dial like other brands do. I can see it without issue. Paid 600 dollars CDN new for mine so price is spot on. I have both 9075 and NH34 movement watches and like both. Dude, before the 9075 how much was the lowest price you could get for a travellers GMT? Now that Citizen has made it available for us common folk its now to much of a pain to change the date? Come on now. It takes no time at all to change the date especially because you can go backwards when setting it and spin that crown quickly. The bezel action is not the greatest I agree. I just love the whole devil diver marketing as well.

  26. Great Brand – Check, Lume porn – Check, George Costanza "shrinkage" on the GMT…not so much. I was close to pulling out my plastic.

  27. @gz7587

    Never liked gmts, please no more.

  28. @paulandress6358

    I’ve never wanted a GMT because the fourth hand is always so prominent and makes me confused about the time. If I were to buy a GMT I’d buy this one precisely because the GMT hand is so subtle. I LOVE that. Since I will never need to know the GMT time every time I look at my watch, this would be so much better as an every day watch.

  29. @neilkwok

    That RRP is insane. Who do they think they are? They're a USD 500-1000 brand at most.

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