Why is this watch dial crooked?

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  1. DrKrFfXx_

    And they bash Seiko for their crooked dials.

  2. dolamyte

    He’s got this wrong, the rotated dial is called a Montgomery Dial, Boxcar Dial and a few others based on manufacturer, but generally called a Railroad Dial and was for locomotive engineers as it let them keep track of time without removing or moving their hands from the steam/pressure controls or while working on the engine that previous pocket and early wrist watches made difficult and was meant to be readable in adverse conditions. Same reason we have chronographs, for the railroad, not cars. No one driving is checking time or pacing using their watch or the watches tachymeter, and co-pilots used to use several pocket watches with their lager faces that also allowed them to write while pacing. VC didn’t invent this, and then calling it a drivers watch is laughable, especially since that’s why most cars have on board clocks like Porsche and the like. C’mon Teddy, you know better, the history is far too rich when it come to railroads and watches to post something like this. For this watch to work as a drivers watch your left hand would need to be over at the 3 o’clock position

  3. RickJason

    Useless layout. When I am in my car, I look at the clock. Expensive watch that offers little.

  4. Jimmie John

    I need a watch depicting a different sexual position at each hour marker. 😂😂

  5. mzy islam

    Vacheron Constatin Overseas is my dream watch….on day 😍

  6. Ricardo Carrero

    Welp! As a car buff, that would be a reason to aspire to own one.

  7. Is it made to be worn on the underside of the wrist? If I am driving I will not see the "normal" side of my wrist without turning my wrist.

  8. Mixup 221

    Seems like this would be more comfortable to glance at even when not driving

  9. bigcur

    Very cool. To bad wasn't poorboy version lol

  10. xealit

    a brilliant revival of an old collection 👏

  11. Adam

    Pure class. History and horology over hype. Love Vacheron, the blue dial Overseas is my favourite.

  12. geo papak

    One of the most beautiful pieces out there… just adorable 👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️

  13. wrenside

    agree with Pacific Time. would love a lefty version. Longines also has a watch with a crooked dial. I may be wrong but I think it costs less than the VC, haha.

  14. rachel ades

    Hallo teddy, I love vacheron constantine, I love this Model and now I also know why it was designed like that,brilliant,. Thanks you love from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  15. Fran Lirola

    It’s look awesome and it’s unique in its elegance. Luce increíble y es único en su elegancia. 👌👌

  16. Albert Nonymous

    Wouldn't you have to put the watch on your right hand if your hands are between 10 & 2?

  17. Derek

    This is on my Mt Rushmore of watches

  18. David JB

    I've got one of these and it's a beautiful watch, but the 'driver's watch' explanation doesn't hold up if you actually try wearing it whilst driving, and that's generally considered an apocryphal story. The other explanation is the 'preacher's watch', but frankly I think they just did it because it looks cool in a sort of Daliesque way. But the one thing that really irritates me is the sub-seconds dial is aligned with the regular 12 o'clock position, making the whole thing inconsistent. The original version from 1919 with the sub-seconds at the offset 6 o'clock and correctly aligned is way cooler though.

  19. V0RTEX

    how can i know if my watch is legit?

  20. Nathan B

    It is supposed to be worn on your right wrist? The orientation seems backward to me.

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