Why Meta Dropped 70%

In this episode we discuss Meta’s dramatic fall from the top, and the reasoning behind it.

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  1. Richard Phillips

    I think if COVID has taught us anything it's the value of real connection with people in real life. Trying to replicate that in technology doesn't satisfy and chasing the next dopamine kick that never fulfills is turning users off. This tech needs to augment not replace reality and I think turning social media into a targeted advertising platform is at odds with its success of long term user interest. Just my opinion of course 🤔

  2. Kilian Liss

    To clarify, those $15 billion spent include development of hardware. It was not spent entirely on Meta horizons.

  3. Main 1

    He’s brain dead on the graphics if meta. It look nothing like their promotional materials

  4. Jovan De Guia

    I think, since, we cannot get out in our home due to pandemic. The CEO Mark Zuckerberg attempts to create a virtual world so we can be together without living our homes. Mark sees an opportunity and claimed it in a wrong time.

  5. Ari Gutman

    META has taken a lot of heat and quite frankly I give Zuckerberg credit for dealing with all the naysayers during this time. May we never forget that in early 2020 before FB was FB, Zuckerberg was a man developing it as a trailblazer, a game changer and I am sure if we were all there then we would be naysayers… Now he just has a spotlight on him and therefore getting the heat for deviating once again to change the game… Could very well be the next step into the future…


    Facebook is getting worse with every update. And meta taking over oculus and forcing people to have a meta account. No thanks.
    Dickhead Mark has stolen enough privacy rights. Meta can get #$%@

  7. drxym

    There was an obvious path to building a metaverse – make a really cool free game and let people play it in 2d or 3d. Get them hooked and then upsell to things like season passes, skins, vr headsets, clan buildings etc. The game could be something like Fortnite or an MMO – let people people can stand around and talk crap, team up, play instanced servers and build out from that. Over time the game can be joined by others as well as other things.

    Or, do what Meta did – crap out a boring world full of shitty mini games and conferencing facilities and wonder why nobody is interested. It literally looks like it was designed by a committee of marketing drones. And since Facebook / Meta is evil, throw in lots of analytics so they can deliver ads users cannot avoid seeing.

  8. Mad Machanicest

    I think the current interpretation of the metaverse is a flawed concept. A universal VR interactive environment and it's the counterproductive to capitalism. And there's no such thing as a universal interface for any kind of engagement. Only standards of engagement. So I don't see think we'll see a full virtual reality in metaverse thing existing

  9. MarkH10

    He spent $15,000,000,001 to make a life sized Runescape?

  10. Filippo Formoso

    I'm not sure metaverses in general will ever become as dominant as the hype surrounding them suggests… so far the bulk of internet users always preferred those technologies that simplify their life, like social media did with the internet of the 90's and early 00's, and I just can't see how metaverses would do that. For example, online car configurators already exist and are very advanced, using them in VR wouldn't add anything to the user experience, despite what BMW or other companies bang on about, only another layer of complexity, before going to see a car in person.

  11. JiTengful

    I do shit in real life not in some BS VR FAKE WORLD 😄

  12. Patrick Nazar

    The social division component is the most harmful and the worst tragedy of it all.

  13. John Doe

    I like the idea of Augmented Reality more then simple VR

  14. Tru North

    No interest in metaverse. Nintendo had their own firm of this with the wii and I think it’s old and gone by wayside?? Real life is better.

  15. Maverick

    I think anyone who ever got sick from using VR would tell you that the technology is completely niche.

  16. Rezz

    He just wants to be a god of his own universe.

  17. Yasha

    they just make ads plain and simple and if they can't push/sell those ads they are on trouble

  18. Paul Feakins

    All of these big tech companies now give absolutely zero fcuks about people, which wasn't the case when they started.


    The idea of a metaverse would only make sense if there's another pandemic!

  20. Jonathan

    ey. here and there big companies going down big time…

  21. marek ward

    For me, as a nearly 50 Facebook user, I like the balance of 'picture / verse' but I can't relate to the avatars and graphic style of the metaverse, despite being genuinely excited to explore VR. It looks like it was designed for toddlers. It doesn't even have that loveable retro Minecraft look. I find it creepy that a fully grown adult could perceive themselves in that environment. Too many years of playing triple A video games have me expecting a lot more. . Great video😊


    The one lesson we learn from mark is … " Business should have some ethics.. even it is a weapon manufacturing company otherwise the business will end up like Zuckerberg's "

  23. Craig Roberts

    Metas FB ads are still super powerful but the issue is the advertiser customer service is horrendous (they ban accounts for no reasons and limit advertisers in so many way). Apple did not kill the ads platform, meta did it all by themselves!

  24. Raja

    "Everyone loves to hate" 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  25. Baud ToTheBone

    Which former Facebook employee said “Facebook is a living, breathing crime scene”? Not far off.

  26. Tony B

    I see one of the big questions for Meta (and it's Metaverse) is how do you persuade hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people to buy an expensive VR headset and sit, stand or whatever, for hours at a time in a virtual world, seperating yourself from reality in the process? Picking up a phone for 2 mins is spontaneous and doesn't require any thinking – you can do it pretty much anywhere with no impact while VR is the opposite. I know the 'real' world is not great right now, but it seems like Zuckerberg is banking on it getting so toxic that people just want to run away from it to his world (hint, not going to happen). We haven't even mentioned the 'trust' aspect either – FB/Meta is one of the least trustworthy companies on the planet.

  27. return{Void}

    The metaverse is what it looks like to push for a monopoly in a industry that doesn’t even exist yet.

  28. A world in which there is more physical contact, more physical laughter, a tiny step toward how earlier generations of humans lived. Is this vision realistic? I wonder.

  29. Joseph Huard

    I actually kind of respect Mark for pursuing his vision though, at least he is pursuing a product/service he believes in rather than only caring about quarterly profits.

  30. GyanPrakash

    I will build the true Metaverse where the only limit is your Imagination 🤗

  31. Robert J

    I always wondered why he didn't buy any of the gaming engines and build metaverse based on it. Both Zuckerberg and Musk are acting weird lately. Just wondering if that's part of entrepreneurs journey to loose the plot at some stage.

  32. frd 2002

    A company that depends on stealing data from its users has no future in a normal world.

  33. Cakemagic

    As a VR Enthusiast, Meta failing is such a mixed feeling. I really like that Mark is investing so hard into VR and pushing boundaries.
    But I dislike Meta and how Meta has such a huge monopoly over the market. As well as absorbing and headhunting all the talents in VR development into its company.
    And making the VR scene look bad by failing hard now.

  34. jaysper

    One of the most socially awkward human beings on the planet trying to drive the way people socialise in the future. What the hell could possibly go wrong? The answer is if course everything.

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