Why Streaming Services Are Getting So EXPENSIVE!

These days, the streaming wars are less about creating new services and more about making sure existing ones can survive.

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This Post Has 50 Comments

  1. Mark Meandering

    I was waiting for someone to make a video about this. They are really take advantage of the consumer.

  2. DW_87

    The title should be “Why more people are learning how to pirate”

  3. Ben Herold

    Apple needs to buy a streaming network to make apple tv make sense right?

  4. devGOD

    Netflix is still overall the best service.

  5. Why do you need to watch everything. Most show are very predictable and the same formula

  6. PaLiMo 365

    Save money get one service and just read books or take online courses

  7. Ou8y2k2

    No way. The weekly show release is ideal. THERE ISN'T SO MUCH OUT THERE. Like Joel McHale said, "99% of all art is garbage." People need to be able to binge what they want when they want because time commitments for entertainment every week aren't feasible as a parent/guardian.

  8. Indians have nothing to complain about. OTT is peanuts.1499 rupees for 1 whole year from Amazon. 899 rupees for a whole year for Disney, 199 for Netflix monthly, and 99 rupees for Apple TV monthly. Yearly subscriptions are great value for money as they combine sports and news streaming as well.

  9. Prices are going up primarily because media companies spend astronomical amounts of cash on a average to above average TV and films. And passing on the burden to the consumer is unacceptable! Instead, bring production budgets down, and keep prices low and consistent. That way, u actually get more subscribers on board. A simple business strategy that companies still haven't figured out, or acknowledge.

  10. Chris Hooper

    Streaming services are now competing for the best content and to do that you have to obtain IP’s or create new ones and then spend insane amounts of money to make the show have quality. For instance Netflix spent 30 million per episode for stranger things season 4. And it’s subscribers pay for that quality. HBO max just launched the last of us which is 10 million per episode. As they continue to push for higher quality content the price will continue to rise.

  11. Hi I took hbo with my smart tv it’s cheaper then going thru comcast plus had Netflix since 2007 very disappointed last two years I’m 74 going to enjoy it why I can enjoy your day

  12. Shashidhar V

    Prices, normally, would be low where viewership is large, such as in a country like Bharat. So, the cost per household works out cheaper here than, say, in the UK. Also, local content that is available at much, much cheaper rates being offered by domestic streaming services is preferred in comparison to European or Hollywood movies/serials, which have a very niche viewership. Hence, if Netflix or Prime or any other streaming service wants a piece of the pie here in Bharat, they are: a) forced to cut down on the subscription price they charge, and b) show movies and series that will wean the population away from domestic content.

  13. SFbenjaminK

    I have for MANY MANY yearsssssssss NEVER cancelled them some from their first launch , i have Paramount+ plus Showtime/ Peacock/ MGM+/Shutter/AMC+/You tube TV/HULU /Disney+/Prime/Hbomax & of course Netflix ALL OF THEM Premium AD free VERSION & f*n loooove all of them 👍👌

  14. Chad H

    I pay for Netflix, that's it. I get peacock through my cable company and Disney plus bundle through Verizon. My friend gives me their hbo log in. It's getting overwhelming.

  15. mshark

    At some point there will be three/four streamers. One group of captive services (Amazon, Apple), Disney, and the rest merging and licensing their catalogs to Netflix.

  16. mshark

    Rotate. Wait until a full season is out and binge it. Then cancel and onto the next show.

  17. CatNact

    So they will repeat what Cable did, lose customers, increase prices for remaining customers, drive away more customers ending in killing their own business. Greed will kill them. They get popular, grow their business model, spending more money, lose subscribers and stubbornly refuse to decrease their model to keep prices low and make the ultimate blunder of pricing themselves out of existence.. Disney is leading this and will kill itself soon.

  18. Tressa C

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  19. Norkis Serrano

    I started unsubscribing some streaming network. They know we have no other choice. Maybe sooner we have to subscribe to this regular youtube platform… Damn that would be the day.

  20. AMxnow

    2:20 'all these companies, all at once, realized they "all need to start charging more" to 'survive' each other


  21. ronch182

    Can we get a story covering your parent Red Ventures using AI to write stories killing your colleagues jobs?

  22. Divyang Vaidya

    So long as the price of the streaming services is less than a cable bill, the prices are fair.

  23. Sherlan

    Disney+ and HBO Max. If Paramount+ was available in my area, I would have tried it too. I don't really care for the rest.

  24. SZretired

    Peacock, Paramount+, AcornTV, and Amazon Prime Video.

  25. ROB86079

    I have: Netflix, HBOMax, ESPN +, Prime video. Paramount plus & Peacock are 🔥🗑️. I sometimes watch peacock because of English premier league games but other than that it’s 🗑️🤣

  26. Tail finz

    I got No streaming services im put off by exclusives or certain sequels being on other streaming platforms, I think they should ALL come together, monthly fees should be divided by hours watched ie if i watch 30% Disney 20%discovery and 50% Netflix then that should be the basis in which my subscription is divided.

  27. For me, as costumer, the solution is simple: I just subscribe for the needed time to see a show and then cancel the service. Specially now; before there where good shows and movies coming out very often… now, well now, there are a bunch of streaming services that haven’t released a good show or movie for a long time… I don’t remember when was the last time I watched something good from Netflix, amazon prime or even HBO. So what’s the reason to pay for the service? when the service was cheap, it didn’t matter; but now, it does. So I’ve canceled all my services and just subscribe when I want to see a show. Also, the rising prices will reborn an old problem: piracy. When streaming services where cheap, there was no need to use torrents and so on… but now, I believe that piracy will rise again.

  28. Deo721

    This is so funny to me. People who don't know how to use a computer aren't knowing this stuff is free all over the Internet 🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  29. fturla ___

    Cable subscriptions are in the 150 to 300 dollar range per month, and I suspect more than 90% of people will cut the service and only use it if the charges are less than 120/month. Streaming services are tolerable for most people if the total stays below 100 dollars, but people prefer if the monthly costs remain below 50.
    I think people will tolerate some combination of three paid premium streaming content, three low to free streaming services, and a broadband service such as cable in the long term as long as the charges fall below 150. Low income houses will always attempt to stay under 50, but usually that is not possible in most regions of the country.

  30. Stopped watching after 30 seconds. There is no world where streaming services are comparable to cable in price, they are still significantly cheaper. Also, if I'm upset at Disney or don't like their content I can just cancel Disney+ and keep Netflix and all the others. You couldn't do that before. This is objectively better for the consumer and for the competition, but people still have anti-streaming propaganda stuck in their heads from when Disney's competitors were freaking out and dumping nonsense onto the news sites they owned before they launched their own streaming services

  31. Markeal Lewis

    I currently have Netflix the 4K plan just because I wanted to rewatch stranger things in the highest quality, I also have the Disney+ trio premium, HBOmax, Paramount+, TV+ and YT Premium (however I don’t consider that a streaming plan)

  32. demon 1281

    Like 1899 was a good show. But they just canceled it so they probably spend millions and millions of dollars for nothing and they are doing that for hundreds of shows every year that wasted millions of dollars for nothing.

  33. gb997

    i hated that i was forced to see Glass Onion on streaming. I WANT TO STILL BE ABLE TO SEE MOVIES AT THE MOVIES !!!!

  34. Bilal Mughal

    Have Netflix and Disney but my kids prefer you tube 🤷

  35. Mehmet V Kizmaz

    I just cancelled Netflix. One of my credit card companies offered me Disney+, Hulu and ESPN for free 😉 Also I have free access to HBO Max thru to my phone provider. 😉🤗

  36. Mike Nelson

    It's not worth it at all. I have begun to only buy in months. I'm not paying for crap and or stuff I don't want.

  37. James Pickett

    Another bait and switch – when they’re chasing growth, it’s all very pro-consumer. Then, the investors want to see some return and the company switches to serving them instead

  38. Jimmy Lui

    This is why I cancelled my Netflix bcoz it became too expensive for me!

  39. kia kiaa

    That where iptv service comes to solve all this non sense one app shows all

  40. evan013301

    Soooooo are we coming full circle where all of our streaming services become more expensive than traditional cable??? Now people are going to re-connect the cord??? LOL!!! As of now we have Disney, Netflix and HBO Max. So far we have been happy with these 3 services but the price hikes are real. Prices are creeping closer to our cable box days with the cost of internet included in the monthly costs.

  41. Alex Castro

    I have Netflix, Disney, Prime and Paramount+! I just recently cancelled Hulu since I wasn't watching it much. Thank you for the great video!

  42. Imagine

    More competition is supposed to mean lower prices but the streaming services are doing the opposite which is why Netflix saw their subscriber numbers go down.

    The services are spending more tens and hundreds of millions of dollars on each new series/tv show when in reality consumers just want a quality shows/movies that could have a reasonable budget.

    In a few years, I wouldn’t be surprise if we see a cut in rates and the sheer amount of content once these services find more people dropping them.

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