Why the hype? – Samsung S6 and S6 Edge

My thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Mate you're videos are excellent I see a bright future of you in youtube ahead. 

  2. Snowmation

    Samsung's Amoled screens used to be really crazy with over saturation.  But they're pretty good now, even more so when you go into the screen options and turn down the intensity to the normal setting.

  3. Yann Toole

    Hey Dave, saturation can be set to basic on the S6, or cinema/movie mode on other iterations of their phones with AMOLED screens. AMOLED shouldn't be a deal breaker because of over saturation if it can be turned down in the settings.

  4. Hey Dave, whats up. I use a Sony Xpera Z the very first model and haven't had any problems with durability and I work on commercial vessels (a lot of places that I can hit it due to thit spaces and I have dropped it a lot with no crackes or scraches). I agree on the slow dates, but after all I think it's a very good android device. Waiting for the Z4 now and hope that will catch your eye and please make a review on it. Keep up the "Why the Hype?" sure will wont one for the Z4.

  5. I am Platinum

    I've had the 4s and 5s and I thought I'd get the 6s when it comes out.. but the s6 looks solid I might get it. 

  6. Hitesh Vaidya

    I really like the way you review products.It's so professional.Please do more and more videos.

  7. Hanan Berger

    the why the hype is a great idea and so is the the fact that you use natural lighting it seems really nice

  8. More "why the hype" vids please, btw this channel is amazing, keep up the good work Dave!

  9. Derry Ahmad

    Well.. have you replace your iPhone6 with a S6/S6 Edge Dave?
    You should make a review video about them.

  10. OH! MEDIA

    You deserves more subscribers and views. I hope one day you will be one of the popular tech Youtuber out there. Ameen.

  11. Tiver Music

    How did you make these phone "charts" ? They look awesome!

  12. Stephen Finley

    So you don't like how Samsung takes hardware design hints from Apple? Then how do you feel about Apple taking software features like a notification bar from the Android operating system, multi window from Samsung and LG (originally Samsung), or a Siri update to act more intuitive like Google Now? Or maybe even El Capitan taking window snapping from Microsoft? Useful features being transfered between competitors promotes new ideas and is only beneficial for consumers.

  13. Carlo Cabanlig

    I hope you make more 'Why the Hype' videos. Its a good take on Samsung vs. Apple phones.

  14. linuxducky

    I'm so conflicted, I recently had an S5 but the camera on it was to me personally terrible – unfortunately lost it and got a 5S as a replacement and the camera on it takes stunning and beautiful shots. Now the S6 is out I'm starting to become impressed but do I dare risk my next upgrade to be the S6 or do I take the safe option of the great camera on the 6? Hard choice! Software wise I love them both equally.

  15. Sam Partogi

    well man, great review as always. Very detail of all the aspect, not only on gaming laptop, smartphone, but all the tech thing right now. Love your channel man!!

  16. Учиха С

    Do smoothie challenge!!! Please!!! BTW, video is great!!!

  17. CutTheKnot

    Dave, I have owned each iteration of the galaxy line and each one has gotten worse in my experience.

  18. aud1o

    Well now we got the S8 and Note8

  19. Rohith Dsouza

    Do you still hold the same opinion about the Amoled display? 😂

  20. Ricky Kwok

    MacOS on a Samsung display in the background. 😂😂😂

  21. Zacharie Chiron

    I'm curious if you still film only with natural light in 2020 ^^
    And wow watching the 'battle' between these phones in 2020 is quite interesting!

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