Why this watch isn’t perfect, but still pretty darn good!

Introducing the Squale 65th Anniversary Master Titanium watch, water resistant to an amazing 120 ATM (that’s 1200 meters!) The case and bracelet is made out of Grade 5 titanium, which is a high strength and scratch resistant alloy of titanium. It will wear like steel, even better . . . but weigh half as much. The watch and bracelet weigh a mere 131 grams.

Check it out today! https://longislandwatch.com/squale-master-titanium-120-atm-65th-anniversary-watch-mastibkbk-ti20/

Thanks for watching.


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  1. @robedmunds7163

    Thanks for letting me nerd out. I am a bit OCD, so would love a watch that is more scratch resistant. That one is a bit out of my price league though😢

  2. @edteach3r

    Hi, Marc. Although it did not come on bracelet, the “Master x Palombari Comsubin” that I bought from you last year is also grade-5 titanium; so Squale has some experience with this alloy. 😀

  3. @kronzprinz

    literally within the few first seconds of showing the watch, it's obvious that bracelet IS NOT A DIVERS BRACELET…. there's no way to quickly resize, no divers extension, which everyone knows is a normal requirement for a diver.

  4. @MS-dc7nq

    Similar feel to the Seiko MM300 and Orient OS300 in vibe… love those both, but in TI they’d be even better. Shame they put a butterfly clasp on it.

  5. @TimRobertsen

    I really love that you spice the watch review videos with a science part 🙂

  6. Nice one Mr F. I have a Pelagos which is G2 Ti. It marks fairly easily but, on tbe plus side, the marks can be removed easily with a titanium refinishing pad.
    Anyhow – maybe coatings would be good for next time? Citizen and Sinn have proprietary tech in this space i believe?

  7. @bt3750

    Don't forget that Ti is hypoallergenic. 316L contains some nickel and other metals that can be irritating to sensitive people.

  8. Mark, I haven't been watching your videos much lately, you must have gotten a new camera setup– it looks fantastic!

  9. @johnsrabe

    I don’t always understand the science, but I like to hear it. And it feels right to me at the end of a video.
    Now, a question: is anyone ever made an aluminum watch? The Soviets?

  10. @StefanoMaggio

    Question: is it possible to buy that bracelet stand alone? Also. Not gonna lie, I'm having a hard time hearing this is the first Squale titanium, while wearing, at least as far as I know, the actually first grade 5 1521. Bought it from Mark, great experience btw, and love the watch. Which, I should say it, is the COMSUBIN 1521 from last June. Thick but for all the right reasons and the best blue I've ever seen.

  11. @prccap

    I just really want that Geochron on your wall!!

  12. @spud13x13

    Always cool to see you rockin' the Cooper swag in a video!

  13. @RSSpec

    Like the Spinnaker 50 Phantoms!..Were you lucky enough to get a seconde/seconde/ Squale “Watch your Hand”?

  14. @karlsenula9495

    Mark …. do established brands like Squale ask AD's their thoughts on pre-production models to avoid glaring issues/ goof ups such as the use butterfly clasp here?

  15. @zillsburyy1

    they still need to make the lume better for that price

  16. That's a nice looking watch. Grade 5 ti is a great material for a watch, being really scratch resistant and light. But at almost 16mm thick? How is that big boy gunna slide under a cuff? And at that price, an SW300 would be nice. That's why the Miyota 9015 is worthwhile, it is quite thin, plus high beat. Thanx Marc, enjoyed the science lesson!

  17. @David-vi9jq

    The have "Squale" twice, that's twice too much for my taste.

  18. Love it when you « geek out » like that!
    Thanks for sharing this great design. Looks great.

  19. @commandZee

    It's kind of their thing, but the double logo on the dial is what frustrates me the most about lots of Squale's designs.

  20. @ge48421

    A few years ago I bought a JDM Casio Oceanus in grade 5 Ti. It is still looking almost new although I definitely did not baby it. It might even have a titanium carbide coating, but I'm not sure. I've become a fan of grade 5 Ti watches, I'm up to 3 now.

    (As an aside: Casio managed to include a 3 position toolless micro adjust for a price of $580 shipped from Japan, Squale should really do better, and Grand Seiko even more so)

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