Why You ALWAYS Buy the $20 Gaming PCs


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  1. @Argus10q

    get that card to a tech and frankenstein that thing

  2. @Razared

    I still would NOT trust that PSU.😂

  3. Technically skilled repair shops can fix the broken pcb on the gpu, just need to get a new mobo at that point and you are good to go, killer deal

  4. @etflu

    PLEASE don’t use the power supply anymore. Since it was wet it could still blow up at anytime or worse also blow up parts of your pc.

  5. I love how on US people just dump out pieces of gold just to get rid of the volume

  6. @chelvin4774

    I got a fully working gaming' pc with i7 4790k and rx 590 with 32gig ddr3 and a 512gb ssd for 50 bucks in tokyo

  7. @Raqsoicy

    How can people be so neglected over $1000 system and wasn’t packaged right and then on top of that they left it outside in the rain

  8. @jokergamer2915

    I want GPU for ryzen 3200g for gaming for tekken 8 like games on ultra in 1440p

  9. @LiamJWilson

    I give people 20 bucks just for some lunch sometimes it’s a good deal even if the Pc doesn’t turn on

  10. @naomy1701

    rikin lucky, even as bange up as it is, of the CPU or PSU or NVMe are good, its well worth it! let alone when more then 1 part is 😊

  11. @RaijinKaze

    The GPU can probably be saved as well if it is still covered by the manufacturer warranty.

  12. @Schnipah

    My bf was given a pc for free cause the case was damaged, we totaled the parts inside and it was like $3200. Someone gave away a threadripper setup for free lmao

  13. @patzfan8086

    If I said what I have recieved in the trash most people would puke.

  14. @GentleMochii

    Still worth even thought the board and gpu aren't in good condition

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