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Why You Don’t Need jQuery Anymore

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jQuery was a wonderful tool that paved over the irregularities of browsers and offered a simple interface for making very powerful applications. Today with evergreen browsers and modern JavaScript, we no longer need this crutch. Let’s look at our favorite jQuery techniques like $.ajax() and $(…).click() and $(…).addClass() and compare this to the code we’d write in modern JavaScript. Sprinkled in are great ES6 techniques like rest and spread, promises and fetch. Challenge yourself on your next project to see if you can run in a post-jQuery world.

NOTE: You still might want to learn jQuery because many companies still use it. If you want to learn jQuery, check out this playlist:

🔗View this slides here:

Talk given by Rob Richardson at the JavaScriptLA meetup.

Thanks to JavaScriptLA for giving us permission to post this talk. freeCodeCamp is not associated with this talk. We’re just excited to bring more exposure to to it!

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