Why You Need an Apple Card in 2023

It’s been three years since Apple released the Apple Card and I have been using it for those three years to rack up a ton of rewards. So in this video I want to tell you my experience using the Apple Card for these past three years, what updates have been added since the launch of this card, how much daily cash in total I’ve earned, what the best reward categories are, and why I think this could be the best credit card for Apple Pay users.


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  1. Wandering Around

    Seems like a neat card, but I already have a Citi Costco Visa so I'll stick with my Citi DoubleCash MC. I like only having 1 credit card website to deal with when paying bills and I don't mind the reward/payout structure of the DoubleCash MC.

  2. swig46

    I have had my Apple Card since it’s introduction and like it very much. I was surprised you did not mention that you can use your Apple Watch instead of your phone at any terminal. When I go to the grocery store I have my shopping list on my watch and pay with my watch, I never have to get my wallet or phone out of my pocket, couldn’t be easier. All that said, I use my Costco Citi card more than my Apple Card. Citi offers 2% on all purchases, 3% at all restaurants, and 3% or 4% on gas at Costco. I receive a check once a year for my previous years rewards.

  3. Josue Chavez

    I wish this card was an options as people’s first credit card but to be approved you need to have credit

  4. cd561_718

    Apple Card is my go to. 2nd is PRIME…5% back on anything you buy on Amazon.

  5. Maestro Agnew

    I love the Apple Card, I just wish my available credit was higher. I suspect it'll be raised once I pay off other debts and dramatically decrease my credit utilization.

  6. Dave Fisher

    I have used the Apple Card since it came out and love it.

  7. Jay Judd

    I tried was turned down . Ho Lee Chit Miss Molly. Then my master card upped my limit to $6,500. A week later go figure.

  8. world life

    Apple invests billion of dollars in countries with extremely bad human rights records. Democrat countries must take action against Apple and other brands who purposely avoid investing in Democratic countries.

  9. Deavo

    Wow, I would not let anyone walk off with my card.

  10. Sheepish Lord

    Apple card is my favorite of all my cards but it needs tap to pay for the physical card

  11. Jorrell Vicencio

    I got the Apple card since September 2022, I agree it’s the best credit card I have. They gave me a low APR 13%. As long as you pay your balance each moth, Apple is paying you to use it.

  12. Tomasz Rabianski

    25% interest rate… poor dumb Americans, who don’t pay their FULL balance on time 💀

  13. transitengineer

    Wow, you even made taking about the Apple credit card … into a cool video. At its introduction, I tried to apply and was told it was only for people who owned an iPhone. Then about a year later, I found out iPad owners could also apply. However, by then, I was no longer interested. Currently, I have been moving my cash assets into local credit union accounts offering 3 percent to 5 percent ARY rates (smile…smile).

  14. Alex Bishop

    Shame it’s only available in US. Come on Apple, it’s time to expand!

  15. TheMaxAwesome

    Unsubscribed finally. I know most “product review” videos on YT are ads but this is just an 11 minute credit card ad. Garbage filler content cluttering the internet. Shame on you.

  16. James Fiegel

    It's a Financial system tool for u to accumulate debt with interest….BIG DEAL!!!

  17. More restaurants are equiping servers with mobile payment systems. Two of the last three restaurants I've visited have had these. If they don't you can still ask if they have Apple Pay and walk over to the terminal to pay. Admittedly doesn't feel great doing that in a fine dining establishment but to get the 2%….

  18. iCjay

    6:56 Little 🙈MonkeyPox going on Greg? I won’t tell 🙊

  19. Naviss

    Love my Apple Card! It's one of Apple's best services in my opinion. The UI is so clean, and nice to use. Also I can not wait for the new Saving Account!
    Greg didn't mention the 0% APR installments from the Apple store on many products, or the iPhone Upgrade Program (IUP), which also gives you 3% back on monthly installments.
    The card isn't perfect, and I too would like to see more places partner with Apple for 3% back! Likewise there is still many companies that still REFUSE to accept Apple Pay – Walmart, Amazon and a few others…

  20. iCjay

    😆Gosh Greg, I gotta bigger available balance than you, but I’m not telling. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Nick Jr

    I had my Apple Card since May 2022 and I love it!!

  22. Marb's Music

    I've been using mine for a couple of years now and love… I love the way it does the monthly charges from the Apple store but I need to figure out how to pay it off early, seems I can only pay the balance each month.

  23. Dylan White

    It’s extremely uncommon outside of the us for servers to take your card. They bring a terminal to you or you walk to the terminal. It’s in everyone’s best interest that this be the dynamic in the future.

  24. Anthony Hobson

    It has also become one of a fave credit cards because of ease of use, instant cash back credit to Apple Cash, and the installment option to purchase apple products… 👍🏾👍🏾

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