Why You Should NOT Buy An FPV Drone… (And Why You Should)

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  1. logan crim

    Great video! I agree the hype from FPV has died down but the feeling you get from getting that perfect line on an FPV drone is simply unmatched.

  2. Matthias Marti

    Guess the standard drone shots are used too much to…. So stay on ground 😂 or fly fpv 🎉

  3. Try Again

    FPV is not dying. There is more to FPV then cinematic shots. Sincerely.. Pilot with 6 years of FPV videos.

  4. i buy fpv drone and sell my dji mini se cause i want to fly higher and do a long range to the top of mountain😅

  5. todays fpvflyers has an huge advantage when i started 10+ years ago there where no simulators and when the first drone showed up i the simulators it was far far away from flying a real one. the amount of money spent on drones that flew 5 min was huge

  6. TheCivildecay

    I think people are trying to hard to make FPV drones a professional tool and way of making money.
    Maybe FPV should just be seen as skydiving, motorcross, BMX, skateboarding etc…. you can attach a cam to it and it will look great on social media, but if you want generic (but pleasing) B-roll shots that the general audience can use/enjoy, just use a regular camera drone.

  7. drdrhelmut

    I agree on the usability of the footage and the hassle of maintaing FPV drones. But it is a great hobby to fly tinywhoops/micro drones just for fun and then get some insane drone clips here and there. I started FPV to get cool videos and still do it because flying is so much fun 🙂

  8. One time iphone 15 pro max vs samsung galaxy s23 ultra camera comparison.
    Please reply to me

  9. Toronto FPV

    Lol watch my video of FPV ruining my life!
    Side note I striped the mob8 O3 and stripped it from a 88 gram drone to a 59gram drone that flies 3mins on a 300mah 2s 😉

  10. Gify The Old

    Everybody: You need to learn how to fly an FPV drone in a simulator first.
    Me two years ago: Building my first 5", taking it to the field behind the house and just learning to fly, in the air. And yeah, he is still flying, fully original, with no extra damage until like three weeks ago. 😀

  11. Mario So

    Great thoughts Peter! I love playing around with my little Emax just for fun while I keep the dji one for client work. It's true that fpv shots are quite hard to add into a sequence unless you're doing some sort of action scene

  12. Dronem Filmuje

    I love to fly fpv and I think that’s cool because you need practice a lot to be good pilot.

  13. Mike S. Media

    I don't think I'd say the trend is dying so much as the barrier to entry keeps climbing (at least here in the USA) as the restrictions keep expanding exponentially. Currently, you can pretty much only legally get footage of empty public land. That is because of the restrictions about flying over, around, or near, populated areas, roads, buildings etc etc etc. So while the trend may be "dying" I don't think it's a result of a lack of effort or just the life cycle of the footage style. I for one would love to use some FPV/Drone footage in my videos but the cost vs actual use with limitations just doesn't make any sense to pursue!

  14. Ivan Rybka

    An FPV just took the second breathe here in Ukraine now 🤭

  15. FADAH

    I wouldn't describe FPV as a trend but rather a niche in the world of videography. What I really agree on is the difficulty of integrating FPV footage into a video together with "normal" drones or DSLR cameras… maybe an idea for a future video?

  16. Drone Supremacy

    Who cares about trends, just do what you like and enjoy flying! If you create epic stuff with the drone no-one can take that away from you, trendy or not 🙂

  17. Cyberhawk365

    Awesome video! Thanks Peter for sharing your view! This is a complex idea that took a lot to produce, I’m sure. I share your passion for FPV so I appreciate this warning (risk, effort, reward).

  18. BattleCatX

    What you are describing while flying your FPV is called being in the flow. There's a great book from author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called "Flow" the psychology of optimal experience. This book explores a state of mind when in Flow, the feeling of complete engagement in a creative or playful activity.

  19. meffyfpv

    if fpv flying is a trend then it will die, but if it is passion and a sense of community, it will never die 😍 😍

  20. Geoff Harris

    I started with an Avata shortly after it came out and then moved over to BaF cinewhoop and a 6" for longer missions 3 months ago. I shoot lines mountain surfing, skiing, etc. so I could care less about overdone youtube trends like split S intros to a driving car. It is crazy fun to just go out and figure out really cool circuits and lines to fly that could never be captured with a regular drone. Agreed that it has also made me a wildly better regular drone pilot that is much more comfortable around obstacles and able to incorporate much more complex flight patterns. It does have a steep learning curve and you will crash. Certainly requires more effort to build, fix and maintain than a regular drone. If you've ever thought what would it be like to proximity fly with a wingsuit, here is your chance to do so with none of the risk. From a cinematography point of view, it is like anything else, FPV is simply one tool for story telling and it is insufficient on it's own to tell a good story as is any other one dimensional story telling technique.

  21. Tepnox

    Regulation is hard in Germany for FPV drones. You are not allowed to fly alone with goggles on. There is always a spotter necessary with clear line of sight. Bummer. I will start with the Mini 4 Pro it seems to get the hang of it.

  22. manny thehunter

    The learning curve gets you!! All the the "camera drones" you take 5 mins and you are in the air. FPV drones like you said you will spend hrs on hrs in the simulator and hrs on hrs learning how to fly. Then hrs on hrs learning how to get that perfect shot! Plus with all the camera drone features you can just set up to do pans, or follow me.. there's a dozen different ready to fly just you just press the button and done.

  23. Damn these first few seconds in the beginning … I'm not 100% sure, but didn't you lose a Dell ultra wide monitor due to indoor drone flying accident? 😀
    I probably will never get a FPV drone, just for the reason you said: I don't know where I should fly one since I live in a city area.
    Great video as always Peter 🙂

  24. Aivars Meijers

    Dude! So close to the monitors. Again! 😅
    Regular drones are enough for me, I just have to time and money to invest in FPV.

  25. Рибина

    As a Ukrainian, I can say – take fpv as much as you can 👀

  26. andré sjøberg

    I think you’re spot on, it has peaked as a «new and exciting» thing, just like cinematic b-roll did, and have now turned into a comodity that «anyone» can buy, either for themselves or as a service from someone else, and novelty of swooping dives down mountains has worn off – the interesting thing though is what comes next … right now I can’t really see any new tech on the horizon, or camera technique/filming technique that might «replace it» in the creative space – it feels like we are now at the bottom of the curve, where things get better and cheaper and only improving in small increments while waiting for the curve to turn upwards again for innovation and new experiences. AI might be it, but at the same time it might wear off faster than we think. Film-photography might make a comeback, but it’s not *new*, just new to younger people. Excited to see what the next big thing will be though, my guess is we’ll see it here first 😉

  27. Dan Later

    Comon Petrica u can do better videos like this. This video was a little boring, i skipped a lot of parts and watched on 2x. I’m not mean, i just say so you have data to process 🙂

  28. Good drone but I am still with the Air 2s and it will respond well to me, this is a very expensive hobby, good video friend, thanks for sharing.

  29. Eddie Nunez

    Crazy that you uploaded this today, I just filmed a whole video yesterday about the same topic. I am going to get rid of all my custom FPV quads, lipo’s, RC’s, FCs, ESCs, etc. All that crap we need to have to fly a custom built FPV drone. Why? Because flying the DJI FPV with a GoPro and/or the DJI Avata works well enough for me. Also, I live in NYC….. it’s so risky and hard to fly custom drones without that amazing failsafe feature of DJI products. Lastly, I want to poop my pants each time I fly, risky flight, not knowing if my quad is just going to disconnect and drop from the sky.

  30. Omkar Prabhu

    Watching a lot of FPV content on your channel from past few days they are great 🙌

    FPV is expensive for me to get into as of now, but I will buy a Radio Controller soon to get started so I can practice in simulator first then someday hopefully I will build an FPV drone.


    Client wants shallow Depth of field- buy fast primes. Trend goes away – sell primes cheap- go back to f2.8 zooms.

    Client wants epic moves, Buy gimbal- client now wants controlled hand held look because it feels more "there" Sell gimbal cheap.

    Rig out your camera so you can flex like everyone else – realise that you are sick of everything being clunky and losing monitor connections and screws coming loose.. minimal set ups are now in fashion – sell Vlock batteries, rigs, monitors

    Clients asking for FPV shots – Buy Fpv drone, learn it – trend gone. Sell FPV set up.

    Clients asking for vertical video – .. do you see the pattern? – vertical video is going away!! hooray!

  32. Gabriel

    Did you have any issues with motion sickness when flying FPV?

  33. Paul Feinberg

    Lots of great points……I still suck at FPV. Still in the SIM. One day I will get it. Mainly doing it for fun. Very expensive hobby for sure. My regular drone makes me more money for sure. No one really wants FPV. Great video as always!

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