Wii U-like Gaming Handheld in 2023!?

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No, this isn’t a Nintendo Switch nor a Steam Deck. The best way to describe this is a wireless 7″ TV with the form factor of the Switch.

Check it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/handheld-game-device/peakdo-mm-wave-streaming-handheld-game-device. “PeakDo brings a 60GHz millimetre wave to streaming handheld game devices for the first time in the world. The console is lightweight with a body mass of 380 g, and an ergonomic design (7 inches in size) which make the device extremely portable and easy to use. Full HD graphic display is guaranteed with zero compression.” – Kickstarter


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    Honestly given the limitations of the wireless signal and the fact it’s just a screen with a receiver for their dongle this thing will have to be sub $150 to be viable as there are plenty of other options out there and more coming soon the abxylute for example.


    Meh, seems like something I would pass on.

    I'm finding it hilarious how many companies are trying to jump on the Steam Deck bandwagon to try and create "The ultimate handheld experience" but usually falling short.

    The tech is good. Line of sight requirement kinda kills it for me tbh.

  3. Horace Gentleman

    I've been working on making something like this for about a year. I am going for a 9.7 inch 2k screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio like what the retina ipads use, mine isn't wireless yet but with this companies hdmi dongles it makes that part easy. The lcd controller board I went with has both vga and hdmi inputs so i can really take advantage of the 4:3 aspect ratio by plugging retro consoles directly into it with passive adapters. I'm also working on learning 3d modeling to have a battery pack that is removable as well as an xbox one controller ive split in two parts to use as a joycon like removable game pad. Right now the main body of it is a hollowed out ipad 3 chassis but eventually it will be entirely 3d printed with aluminum plates for reinforcement. For speakers I'm using 2 of the internal speakers from a LG G7 bonded with the aluminum body and it sounds surprisingly good. Currently shopping for a better touch screen as the one I have installed now has a coating that is like what 2010 era convertable laptops had and it really impacts the beautiful colors and clarity of the retina panel.

  4. Werner Claassen

    The Solus OS website has been unreachable for a few days now…..I wonder what gives?

  5. TheA_Gamer554

    so basically this is a modern wiiu gamepad, which honestly sounds exciting

  6. Aaron

    How does this differ from a phone with controller? It's not like it can stream video games outside the house so is this even worth the money? Plus it is just a dumb screen unlike the LG one so you cannot even install steam link, Xbox game pass etc… I really don't get why you would buy that

  7. Sounds like a pain, especially for the price. I doubt they will sell more than a few thousand of these.

  8. doomjuan

    This device has a headphone jack and the iphone doesnt

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