WILD HEARTS – 15 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy

Koei Tecmo’s WILD HEARTS is out on February 17th for $69.99 on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC, and serves as a brand new hunting game in the vein of Monster Hunter or even Toukiden.

Developed by Omega Force of Dynasty Warriors fame and published by EA Originals, it’s been in development for more than four years, mixing traditional elements while adding spicy new twists. Here are 15 things you should know before picking it up.


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  1. Too many gay ass gimmicks.
    Game focuses too much on the "technology" mechanics instead of the hunting. It tries to be a Fortnite clone instead of a Monster Hunter game.
    Most terrible [like Dauntless] Monster Hunter clone franchise to date. Just play the other Monster Hunter Franchises, or God Eater or even Toukiden.
    Don't bother with this lazy ass garbage.

  2. LawKyoten

    Sadly no ps5 to enjoy. But would be a fun initial game.

  3. In My Zone

    Just found out about this game today! Taking Triangle story back to GameStop I got yesterday and preorder this ASAP.

  4. Henkjan

    The wafel house has found its new host

  5. Corwin Roberts

    @host,ur gonna wait until the end of the video to say it's not for ps4,, then what the hell I'm watching this here video for, since it's gonna flop without ps4 release

  6. zrupnik

    My worry is, that on release there wont be enough monsters, example only 15 to 20

  7. Ignantnwoke

    Capcom releasing MHRise to console in the next few days is only reason I'm gonna wait on this game. It looks OK though.

  8. OlderBadboy

    I was hoping for some kind of "fire ball / elemental skills maybe / spellcasing type "

  9. MrJblazini

    So far the weapons and armor look meh. I hope its good though.

  10. K R

    It looks both really rough and good at the same time. Weird…

  11. Chaika Gaz

    Not buying. Just looks like nioh trying to be monster hunter.

  12. TheCrazedEB

    This game marketing has been so sparse since the first announcement trailer dropped. We are 1 month away and I feel like i barely seen anything meaty to grip on, like a full hunt start to finish to entice players. A demo or at least 6 gameplay video of different things and hands on for viewers should've been released.

  13. hard mode

    you mention just three weapons available but at 6:27 you can see the main character weilding a cannon and another player plummeting with a hammer…

  14. SD

    Monster Hunter Remake/ Clone Been There Done That 🗑👎

  15. Rayver Ping

    Do you think this will be also playable at steam deck?

  16. KillTheft Fear

    If this game isn’t on gamepass I feel like it’ll be dead on Xbox at least with monster hunter rise coming to gamepass in a few days people won’t drop 70 dollars while there still hunting in rise and getting ready for the sun break expansion. If it does comes to gamepass I’ll definitely give it a go.

  17. Symbiote x

    Ill pass dosent look interesting no character creation

  18. Iconic

    Aaaand the “karakuri” just killed it for me. I don’t want to Fortnite ever in another damn game. I F-ing hate building with every fiber of my being

  19. Charles W

    Jesus, I had never heard of this game and only searched for it on YouTube because Moist Critikal discussed it for 2 seconds on stream. This looks like a game that I'll absolutely love so it's crazy to me that I'd never even heard of it before lol

    Hope it turns out good!

  20. Toxic Cod Player

    Why would I buy this over hogwarts legacy when mh rise comes out for console u know what I'm sayin

  21. I was excited about this at first. But the lack of marketing and complete kinda unknown about it in general, along with EA'S involvement… unless I starting seeing some new actual info, especially about end game I'll likely pass on this one. I think I'll just keeping playing Monster Hunter World until the next world version is made.

  22. Random GT

    Don’t forget this is another PS5 exclusive.

  23. Dregs

    Seems like my PC rig with a 2070 and my gaming laptop with a 3070 will quite easily play this game well.
    80GB is nothing if you know how to manage your gaming save storage

  24. Kaloi Fortich

    If its decent and not heavily monetized. Its a buy for me. Want to support a game thats willing to rival and innovate from monster hunter.

  25. Ombra 711

    I wished they leaned into the limb destruction from Touikeden, loved part 2, may end up getting in again actually, this time on PC!🥰

  26. S SMIT

    I am all about some Monster Hunter like games. I guess my only reservations so far are the Monster Designs. Anyone know if these are based on anything or are they just throwing pixels at the screen? Seem like they are trying to be overly unique. They look kind of dumb.

  27. ku1977

    Huh, I didn’t even know about this game…already preordered MH Rise dropping Friday though.

  28. YaNew StepDad13

    Been lookinh forward to this game, might be kinda dope with the monster hunter type elements

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