Win your coding interview – The fearless interview

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Get a map to getting the job you want and eliminate fear in your journey. Ryan LaBouve gives tips and tricks for interviewing.

Original talk title: “The fearless interview”

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Talk by Ryan LaBouve at the fCC OKC meetup. Thanks to Ryan and Techlahoma for giving us permission to share.

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  2. DevDungeon

    As someone who has interviewed developers for a large company, I have noticed a few trends. Less than 10% of people applying for programming jobs have a GitHub profile. Even less have their own website. Having one or both of those will very likely get your resume pushed up to the top of the pile. Honestly, it doesn't even need to be impressive. Just the fact that you have taken time outside of work to post a couple incomplete personal learning projects says a lot about your ambition. I have a few other resume tips in an old post I wrote:

  3. I love to listen but I can't! This guy as repeated the word "like" more times than a traditional valley girl! 🤯 I'm sorry I can't!

  4. EA Builder

    Anyone knows what is the name of the font in his slides?

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