Windows 10 Users Should Use This Software

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Windows 10 Users Should Use This Software

Download Shutup 10

If you want full control of Windows 10 privacy settings, then give shutup 10 a try. It lets to turn off unwanted or unnecessary settings in Windows 10. These data collecting telemetry setting are designed to collect data on your computer and send it back to Microsoft. A lot of Windows 10 users hate the fact that after every windows update you have to change these settings again because Microsoft have reset all your privacy settings back to default. Shutup 10 lets you quickly and easily change these back with a click of a button.

Shutup 10 portable which does not need to be installed and its FREE.

* Adapt your security settings
* Protect your privacy
* Control location services
* Control Windows Updates
* Do not pass on your user data and diagnostics

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