Windows 11 vs Tiny 11: Does Debloating Offer Better Performance?

Last week I showed you how to create your own Tiny 11 ISO. this week we are going to see if it was worth it by testing if Tiny 11 is faster then Windows 11.

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  1. Id say its worth debloating your Windows and it gives benefits, however i like debloating it manually during and after install.

  2. Paul Woodward

    Yes, test it on a rig with less ram, because that’s where a smaller footprint might help. If you’ve got 32gb, you’ll never see that

  3. Viking 2121

    I tried tiny 11 on a old Q6600 system, even on a unsupported and old system, it didn't make enough of a difference for me to even care, at least for just general use.

  4. Zippeo

    It makes a huge difference on my Lenovo Miix3 with 2GB of RAM , 64GB of eMMC and Atom processor. On a standard install all resources are spent on Windows Installer, Antimalware and Compatibility Telemetry rendering the system useless. With a Tiny install the system is at least usable.

  5. Kalpana Bairwa

    Can you please make a tips and tricks video on tiny 11??
    And di the tiny 11 affect any driver update ?? and do it affect downloads when we download someting from the web???
    Please answerr!😊

  6. BluesmanUK

    I thought that the general reason for Tiny 10/11 was to enable things to run more smoothly on lower end systems, especially those with small amounts of RAM. So for me, this gaming test was not really in the right ballpark to begin with.

  7. Free JAC

    Win11 has a game optimizer built in when you fire up a game so that is why no difference

  8. 70rn

    If tiny basically frees up memory, wouldn't the biggest gains be on systems either with lower memory (e.g 8 – 16 gb), a cluttered hdd, or both? I feel like windows tiny is more likely to effect how quickly a game/program will load, rather than how fast it will run (since ultimately that would be hard ware dependent). It might also give performance boosts in more loaded scenarios, e.g. alt-tabbing in and out with a bunch of browser windows open.

  9. Andy

    Tiny 11 removes to much, when you game on it you get pop ups about missing stuff and the system crashes alot BSOD are normal on Tiny11

  10. Can you achieve the same system resource demand (drop) without having to create an iso using the default install and then debloating like in your previous videos, I would rather spend the time debloating the default install if that is the case.

  11. Nun Ya

    Isn't FPS driven by the GPU, which would not be impacted by the bloateware, and spyware that comes with Windows?

  12. Spunky

    Hey just a quick disclaimer
    You're testing it on high end system with heavy gpu and story based games
    Just test it with budget system like i3's or i5's with 50 or 60 series cards at 1080p resolution on highly competitive games like apex, valorant, csgo etc
    you'll get to know how debloating seriously improves your 0.1% lows and highly smooth gameplay no stuttering whatsoever.
    stop misguiding viewers

  13. Herman Wooster

    Could you do a rundown on Atlas OS and how it differs from Tiny10/11?

  14. drago burnhard

    good video
    but i really recommend running these tests again with a lower end/ older cpu based system
    and running some poorly coded cpu based games (exsample anything that runs unity engine)

    as a secondary video idea…. run the test again but on what would be considered "dirty running" (exsample youtube video + discord + twitch stream)…
    reason windows has a habit of poorly managed cpu call's causing problems if anything els is running (possible performance improvement when multitasking)

  15. caribbeanchild

    Not constantly updating and all spyware gone is a bigger deal for me. A huge deal. I don't need or want tiles everywhere with Left leaning news. That's brainwashing at work there. I want an OS that I'm in charge of and runs what I tell it to run. I'm still using Windows 7 on most of my systems because it does the job.

  16. PhantomX

    I think That Tiny11 was targeted at low spec systems. I doubt it was created to benefit gamers. I fell that stripping all the useless features of Windows may (for some people) be a big benefit regardless of any system performance. I just want an OS that minds it's own business in the background and only does what it needs to do. I can add any other functionality I want without it being baked in. I believe an OS like that exist somewhere.

  17. Tiny 11 is meant for older/entry level computer systems. That's where you see the difference in performance. Laptops are still being sold with 4GB of RAM running Windows 11, and that's where you will see the performance boost regarding Tiny 11.

  18. Rushtallica

    Yeah. I won't bother with a custom iso. But I'll debloat to get rid of some things (such as through Chris Titus Tech debloat tool) mainly because I just don't want them on my system.

  19. lint

    This month's update for Win10 (older laptop) updated the weather app and it now is the most resource intensive app on my laptop as confirmed within task manager. Lots of rotating advertising and whatever else uses resources. I wish I could stop that. At the rate things are being monetized, my recliner may force me to start watching advertisements!

  20. Media Headz TV

    i been wording about this as i dj and play vrchat at the same time on the same pc and im trying to get my latency down for real time audio

  21. Russ Ireland

    Is that a Flux Capacitor behind you !!! Great video I always give you a thumbs up,,Does Tiny 11 cut down on telemetry, Microsoft snooping?

  22. chaz916

    I would like to see a test of a lesser system for sure.

  23. GamerKing64

    IMO Tiny11 is just a scam, it doesn't do anything special interms of performance, numbers aren't the real show… AtlasOS is the best custom windows, although it's only win10 (win11 coming soon) but there is ReviOS 11 which is the best win11 iso till this date!

  24. Grey Beard

    Creating Tiny 11 ISO isn't actually a piece of cake .. at least for me .. downloading files from uupdump worked well, but running the uup_download_windows.cmd came up with error – "Current directory contains spaces in its path. Please move or rename the directory to one not containing spaces. Press any key to continue …" However, pressing "any key" closes the command prompt. So no Tiny 11 ISO .. any suggestions?! :))

  25. alex b.

    With the processing power and speeds we got today, finding any practical differences is probably next to impossible. Turn back the clock to when terminating a bloat process made an immediate noticable difference, debloat made a heck of a difference. These days, I think the shift needs to be more concerned with keeping telemetry and privacy robbing bloat from running in the background.

  26. Savage Gaming

    Video on making win 11 lite with msmg toolkit?
    Also would upgrading from a standard win 10 to a win 11 lite os remove unwanted software and apps on a pc?

  27. cee128d

    I've found over the past 20+ years of so called "De Bloated" windows installs as that they may make Windows start faster, but overall they don't make it actually run faster, and definitely not better. An SSD boot drive and a few tweaks to the startup programs is all you need for a responsive system. People waste way too much time tinkering with their computers, more time than they actually save.

  28. David Nonya

    debloating microcrap is impposible! formatting the whole disk is only way to de-bloat it!

  29. Carlos Macedo

    Hi friend, I would be interested in seeing how the Tiny 11 operating system works on a computer that is 10 to 12 years old.

  30. SuperiorMind

    40 Gigz for an operating system… And ppl don't think there's something incredibly bizarre about that?
    I can program a stand-alone OS that can run most devices in MB… (like 5000 times less)
    They should easily be able to build an OS that covers all bases and all possible needs for less than 3 GB and still have room to squeeze bloatware in those 3GB. What in gawdz name are they actually doing?

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