Windows 12 could be Released in 2024

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Windows 12 could be Released in 2024


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  1. Robert Scott

    I would like to know when the Windows Insiders can expect to see some bits that we can test?

  2. Azeri gigachad

    I'm waiting for Windows 12
    2024 looks like it will be a great year

  3. Izzumi Poshaf

    1:14 If the Final Name of Windows Server vNext will be Server 2025, maybe it's for Windows Server Version that still based on Windows 11 UI's that will come on Late 2024.

  4. Izzumi Poshaf

    1:52 & 2:58 Windows 12 it's also should be a BIG Redesigned of Old Legacy UI Components in Windows to WinUI 3 Based UI (Modern Windows 11 UI for Currently) such as Device Manager, Computer Manager, Magnifier, Win32 Dialogs and Apps, Legacy Control Panel, Legacy Components on File Explorer, Legacy Old Context Menus, and also Dark Mode Consistency.

  5. I'm done using anything from Microsoft and went to Linux for Steam gaming with work arounds I can even play World of Warcraft I hear a lot of people are switching to Linux because Microsoft is about to spy on more of their customers. If I were you guys I'd dual boot an older version of Windows that won't spy on you and run a Linux for gaming. A lot of people are getting way too over hyped when they don't see how much data is being collected from them Microsoft isn't stopping us from using older versions of Windows only Google is. Not gonna lie I actually prefer Windows XP/Vista/7 over this new age modern non sense I'm gonna take a pass on upgrading. Also if you're some how stuck on one of these older versions of Windows it's still safe to connect to WiFi there's no real need to upgrade unless you're gaming on Steam.

  6. FloppaGamer

    we dont need windows 12 wtf just update windows 11 whats the problem

  7. Mango Hush

    Question, what are your thoughts on the rumours of Windows becoming subscription based?

  8. Vatan Media

    I installed windows 11 and it had tons of bugs and glitches, MS needs to focus on fixing this shit rather than throwing out a new junky operating sytem.(Battery darining, wifi driver issues, start menu issues and loads of other glitches) I downgraded to windows 10

  9. Winston B

    They may pay to download the iso instead of downloading it for free

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