Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged Fix Windows 10

Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged Fix Windows 10

This can fix problems with Windows Store errors.
windows store error 0x80072ee7, 0x803f8001, 0xc03f40c8,
0x87e10bd0, 0x80073cf9, 0x80131505, 0x000001f7

1. Open run box and type: WSReset.exe

2. Open command prompt with admin rights and type: whoami /user

3. Open command prompt with admin rights and type: wmic useraccount get name,sid

4. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAppxAppxAllUserStore

find the offending account (example: S-1-5-21-693330-36684894-366377345-1003) and delete it then restart the computer.

5. Try running Windows 10 store troubleshooter

6. Open command prompt with admin rights and type: SFC /SCANNOW

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  1. Spik3

    Thanks for that, it was driving me mad, Bloody brilliant

  2. wLaw

    5 July 20202, this video solution does not work for my machine. I guess my last resort is to fresh install the machine.

  3. Chilioid

    Help! I get Error: Description = Invalid query

  4. Diarmuid Daly

    Bro can you help me my windows tablet wont even open the store it keeps crashing

  5. lordquackalot

    Dude i am so worried becuase i cant open Windows store at all and i dont know if my pc is okay please help!!!

  6. Nirman Jay

    Thank you so much lucky me to check your video !!!

  7. Doublle G

    Wow… This really worked. Thanks man. Guys simply follow the instructions. I had an account ending in 1003 also, and I deleted it then rebooted my pc

  8. TheFoxxiP

    Regedit still doesnt fix my problems… also Feedback-Hub wont work… dont know what to do now

  9. Rikimaru LDR

    That regedit worked wonders, had to come back to say thanks!
    I couldn't even access Xbox Gamepass PC when I was still getting charged for it.
    That's twice a new Windows update has broke my PC.

  10. Maxon Nazareth

    I looked up the wrong video, which became the correct solution to my problem……..weird, but thanks!
    This is the reason I still use Windows 7 sometimes, even though EoL was more than a year ago, I heavily dislike Win10, had to repair it with help from you guys, really, Microsoft should learn a thing or two from you

  11. Akimbo

    Bro you are a life saver .. much thanks <3

  12. Martyn Stanley

    I've tried resetting, clearing the cache, reinstalling the store, everything I cannot solve this issue on my pc 🙁

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