Wired vs Wireless Gaming Mouse – Which Is Better for Gaming Today?

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Ever wonder whether you should buy a wired or wireless gaming mouse? Are wireless mouse worth it today if you want to be competitive in gaming?

That’s exactly what we will be looking at in this video! Watch to learn what type of gaming mouse you should buy – wireless or wired?

0:00 Intro
0:42 Intro to How They Work?
0:57 How They Work: USB and PS/2
1:34 How They Work: Bluetooth
2:20 Wired vs Wireless
3:37 Conclusion


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  1. Ricardo Castro

    Cool video, found myself asking this whenever I get annoyed with my wired mouse lol

  2. Snype24

    Just for future reference, PS/2 devices are still useful in modern scenarios and there is generally a PS/2 port on a lot of High-End motherboards as the power to PS/2 devices can't be turned off in the BIOS like USB devices so in situations where there is difficulty testing and repairing a system due to USB devices not being initialised until boot up or USB devices not being powered then PS/2 devices are very useful in regards to these scenarios over resetting your BIOS.
    Edit. However this isn't relevant to the point of the video, but just the way that you put forward PS/2 devices was disregarding this point entirely.

  3. joe25

    the most funny thing, if you search for a noiseless mouse, they are all wireless …. :'( (on amazon)

  4. Zimnior15

    I use wired and my dad uses wireless i feel weird when i say wired

  5. Swady

    Great video! Thanks a lot of the good tips

  6. tinleo333

    Logitech wireless g pro is faster than most wired mouse

  7. Soup Can

    Also can't forget that most wireless mice use battaries that add weight to the mouse.

  8. Caractus69

    I have a shit load of moments where I am playing with my friends and my battery dies and I don't have any extras that why I switched to wired

  9. Very nice. Well done! For Shooter Games on Pro LVL take a wired one. Otherwise you will be fine with a wireless combo. The new series of wireless got a great power managment. But if you like a LED mouse on your table, i would go for a wired one…

  10. Luca

    But there are USB Wireless misce

  11. voehau

    honestly I don't care the speed because a 10 milli second diff isn't really gonna change anything and I bought a wireless because whenever I go to sleep or go to school, during my sleep or when I wasn't home the motherf**king tooth fairy or whatever tangles up my old mouse cord.( I had a wired mouse before the wireless) but I do agree with the charging. my mouse always finds the perfect time to run out of battery. Thats right, right in the middle of a online game that I cant pause.

  12. ArmedDarkly

    I will say if your getting your mouse wire tangled up, then you are to much crap on your desk or you have your wire not ina good place…

  13. Metal Videos

    wireless mice uses a dongle. not bluetooth. bluetooth is horible for literally everything. its a nice nivention (invented in my home village in the netherlands) but not good for connecting mice. latency will be enormouse.

  14. Emon Khan

    It's 2020 and I still don't understand why people want wireless mouse. like really man does a wire really bother you that much or do you want to use your pc while ur in the bathroom or something. those who use laptops they are the ones who can take true advantages of it, not stationary pc. however Bluetooth headphones are better cause that makes you free.

  15. Gutebik Official

    Is there a video that actually tests the latency of wireless gaming mice vs wired gaming mice? I can't tell the difference at all, even in the most fast paced of games

  16. OrdinaryWorld

    Didn't really do anything to verify any performance differential between the two, which is really what it's all about for gamers.

  17. Adam Mosbahi

    Wireless mice can damage your musle tissue as well and can cause some complications, like some forms of arthritis. That is, if you use them ALOT

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