Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Story Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games


Confront countless demons, famous warlords and a conspiracy surrounding an elixir that promises immortality in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Release date – 3/3/2023.

Pre-orders available now.

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Rated Mature


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  1. Emre 57

    those china games makes me laugh about those china fantasy which lost to mongolian & turks

  2. Corrosive

    Sorry team ninja
    Capcom took my money 💰

  3. TheBober

    There are no Polish subtitles so I don't buy it. And I like the game. Nioh 1,2 played some cool games.

  4. Szemes 1990

    Best studio nowadays, I can't wait to see this and rise of the ronnin next year

  5. Shard of Manus

    I'm really hoping this comes with Chinese audio. I could never play Nioh with the English audio instead of Japanese.

  6. WeeWeeJumbo

    Killer narrator–is he in the game?
    I want to play original language with subtitles but if the narrator is any clue to the English dub… well…

  7. M.A.DMatt6

    They couldn't have picked a better period in the three kingdoms era then the yellow turban rebellion. What with the mystics they all had in their forces

  8. Dave Kale Bale

    I have a meme.

    What people see when it comes to Dinasty Warrior games: (shows this trailer)

    What I see: (shows any Dinasty Warror trailer) 😂.

    (Yeah I could never stand the franchise, sorry)

  9. Zcbot

    Why is it dubed 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  10. Khamil Khalid

    Can the audio be changed to chinese? chinese voice with eng sub

  11. Zikari SG

    Bring it! Nioh 1&@ were phenomenal games, Stranger of Paradise was excellent too, now take it to the next level, some better level design and environments, a bit more enemy variety and Team Ninja could reach perfection!

  12. HungerGamer

    I hope it won't be a madness of difficulty, like Sekiro.

  13. My Top 3

    The dubbed version hurts my ears. It's basically only for people who don't want to read. Chinese or japanese would be perfect.

  14. Joe Ramsay

    Says it’s a ps4 and ps5 game and yet I preinstalled it on Xbox via gamepass 🤷‍♂️

  15. Tommyswayze

    This look awesome . Glad its in English i hate reading games

  16. R.4SL

    2023 Wo Long
    2019 Still 4 years old Sekiro looks graphically better.

  17. 포롱

    우롱??? 우롱차먹고싶다

  18. fran991213

    Can’t wait to play this day one on game pass

  19. Andrie putra

    so koei tecmo want their franchise dynasty warrior became elden ring… after they do with Final Fantasy 1 : stranger of paradise

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