Working With iPad Pro ONLY…

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  1. @blange1808

    To complete your minimalist setup, I would also remove the Apple Watch. It’s a big distraction for me.

  2. @Artem3236

    This video was so full of product placements and selling your courses that it was nearly impossible to actually get any info from what the title suggests

  3. @samirasouli897

    I just use iPad Pro m1 11”, I love it ,well except for the battery, I’m waiting to see the new Magic Keyboard and decide between the current and the new one

  4. @Theshort1996

    Does Microsoft office works properly on iPad? Please reply

  5. @mainsink6385

    I have an M1 12.9 inch iPad Pro which I use pretty much every day exclusively. I also have a Mac mini connected to a 49 inch ultra wide curve screen that I barely use and I also have an M1 MacBook Pro, which I basically never use. I am a digital illustrator so I use my iPad Pro almost exclusively.

  6. I sold my iPad Pro 12,9 M2 + Magic Keyboard + pencil + everything… Please update us after a month whether you still using only iPad or not 😉 Because when you have to get the job done… always get the MacBook 🙂

  7. @Eric-qi9us

    Yes, and fun fact: you can do the exact same thing with a macbook only setup too!

  8. @andyH_England

    Everybody is different, but I, for one, have to focus 100% on one job at a time. I see these people who insist on having multiple windows on several monitors, which would drive me crazy. Concentrating on one item at a time, ticking it off, and going to the next makes me more productive and less distracted. It has worked for me for decades.

    This is another reason why a base device like an iPad or Macbook/Windows with lower specs (8GB of RAM) can handle all my workflows. I only use one app at a time, focusing on that with all available resources. So, 8GB Macs/Windows and iPads are good enough for casual to office workflows without missing a beat.

    But some people enjoy the hectic nature of distractions and can cope with it far better than I can, so each to their own. However, those working frugally with low-config laptops and tablets should be respected by those who insist that we "have" to have more and more specs, just because they are different.

  9. @Vidgmchtr

    Mendelssohn Symphonies!!!! One of my favorite composers.

    Oh, cool iPad, bro.

  10. @mr.s4849

    My one issue was when moving large files from the device (iPad Pro in my case) to an external hard drive. The device was leaving some cache copy of the files in the 'system data' section of storage…which you can't access or delete (my files app started growing with these inaccessible dummy files). I deleted the files app and redownloaded it, that took care of it, but made a lot of apps who store data in files messed up when I went back to them. Oh yeah, one more thing. I hate you can't start a sentence with a lowercase letter.

  11. @peat381low8

    Writing a journal on iPad Pro and using touch for everything really makes the experience so much better compared to using it on a keyboard all day. For me at least. It's not a laptop. It's something better in more ways than not. Only thing holding this back is the full feature of desktop programs like Final Cut, Logic, PhotoShop, and all those other programs that existed on desktop since the early 2000's.

  12. @JarradShaw

    I love this video…

    Thank you for taking this personal moment and making this.

  13. @carlwilletts343

    The more devices you have, the more your attention is divided (unless you end up not using some of the devices, which makes you feel guilty for 'wasting' your money).

  14. I have been using only a iPad Pro for nearly two years now and I absolutely love it. Text work, graphics, video editing and recording two weekly video podcasts.

  15. @Patrick76399

    lol…what if you took it one step further and tried to go an entire workday using every type of iPad? Could you find a purpose for each one on that table at the same time?

  16. @bryans8656

    I really liked this so I just subscribed. On my last business trip I took just my iPad 10. Since I always have to take my work laptop and all its other stuff it was really nice to have something light that covered all of my personal needs.

  17. @Mist3rTh0maz

    Thanks for sharing… my iPad Pro is the most irreplaceable device in my setup!

  18. @passerby2487

    Simple and straightforward video, just like your setup. The Christianity superpositioned note got my attention. 🙂

  19. @jeffhale1189

    Thanks for sharing. I like minimalism. Blessings on your day.

  20. @MiamiCoffee2023

    Hey, it’s Chris 🎉🥳! Thought’s on the New iPad Pro dropping soon? Thanks Rock star Chris 😉☕️

  21. That's my setup… With a ipad pro M2 12.9… the only problem is the battery which unfortunately sucks

  22. @iTalktech1985

    I did this with the M2 12.9 for over a year and loved it but then changed jobs…and of course the medical record system they used for some reason the Ipad had issues with it to the point I accepted it was not going to be a real option. iMac M3 sold and back to the MacBook..sad the iPad let me down.

  23. @codechapin

    Neck pain coming… you still need to remember good posture and take care of your wrists/neck/back

  24. @donyoung333

    Anyone got a comple apple scribble tutorial ? – I want to see everything you can do in apple scribble – thanks

  25. @billymania11

    I do the same thing except I use the Surface Pro 9. The big advantage over the iPad is that the Surface is a full PC. You don't sacrifice anything.

  26. @RobHitch

    V. interesting! My M1 11 inch iPad Pro is rapidly becoming my main computer. Love the portability but also love the external display support, so can't lose my widescreen display. You got me thinking about further simplifying my setup though 👍. Keep up the great work! Thank you 🙏

  27. @CED.Dweller

    Huh! That’s interesting. How did it help your state of mind after all your work was done?

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